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More Mobile reviews coming

Mobile reviews have been at the core of the mobility blog. This was our primary focus at inception, and you loved it and kept coming back for more. Of course, you love the tips and help articles too, as well as the bits and pieces of information that we provided.

We are renewing our focus on mobile phone and app reviews here. This means that you can expect great articles about devices and apps on your favourite OS platform, or budget range. It means that you will also get more help articles on how to make the best of whatever devices you choose to purchase.

In the last few days, I have made contact with key organisations who can provide us devices. We are hopeful for devices running Android and WindowsPhone. We already have ongoing support from Nokia, so you can expect reviews of devices running Symbian, MeeGo, WindowsPhone and S40. RIM are currently setting up office in Lagos, and we hope to reach out to them as soon as they are on the ground as well.

Have you heard of Mi-fone? I heard that they produce excellent devices for the African market. Their range includes both feature phones and Android smartphones.

We hope that we can connect with Samsung Nigeria (our Android fanbase here would be ecstatic, I can imagine).

We are also trying to reach Huawei and others.

In the meantime, some reviews are already underway. Low-end, mid-range and high-end devices are all covered. It can only get better. And more exciting.

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  1. technical specifications sheet gives a general idea of device hardware but hands-on reviews provide practical and real life information on device and OS performance. there’s always some power and shortcomings hidden under the hood.

    this is a very welcomed development. kudos MN.

  2. i have developed a bad? habit of waking up each day and impulsively going for my bookmarked MN on my T8.its that good.Yomi, what ever you do to this company,cant suprise are the czar! in this field.shukran! ride on.sir!

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