Ultra Power Saving mode can improve your quality of life

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Almost every manufacturer builds this into their smartphone now – Samsung, LG, TECNO, and many others do. It is a feature called Ultra Power Saving mode or whatever fancy name it is given. In this mode, your phone shuts down everything else but the most basic functions. It also reduces CPU speed, adopts a simplified, dimmer, greyscale user interface, and turns off mobile data, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Basically, your modern smartphone becomes a Nokia 3310, function-wise and this results in amazing extended battery life. Depending on how much juice your phone has left when you switch, it can go on for several hours to several days in that mode.

Ultra power Saving mode - Samsung

But this feature can do more than improve your smartphone battery life. It can actually be used to improve the quality of your life. Here’s how.

We live in a fast paced, connected world in which our smartphone is arguably our greatest distraction. This makes it a key source of stress. Notifications from email, instant messaging, social media, appointments and all constantly fight for our attention minute after minute. We are expected to respond to messages on the fly and be on top of things by the minute. All that amounts to a high pressure, high stress life.

I love my work here at MobilityArena.com and elsewhere. It requires being always connected. But even I know how damaging that constant pressure can be to the health. What I do every now and then is turn it all off and take a breather. You should try it too – switch your smartphone to Ultra Power Saving mode for pre-determined periods and experience a far less noisy, more peaceful world. If possible, go even further and switch off the darn phone entirely. However, if you need for your family and inner circle to still be able to reach you, Ultra Power Saving is just good.

The exercise can be for a few hours. A few hours of bliss does wonders to the mind and body. It can be for a few days. Just shut out the world and take a rest from it all. It is a simple thing I have described, but it is a very profound thing. Ask your doctor. It is perhaps the best way to de-stress in today’s always-on world: get off the grid.

Get off the grid and spend hours in bed, go swimming, walk, run, laugh, see movies, work out. Factor this into your schedule. Perhaps you can do this once a month or once in two months or every quarter. Do it as often as you can. The more frequently you do it, the better for your health. You can even do it daily: get off the grid for a few hours daily – perhaps from sometime in the evening till daybreak. Your quality of life will improve.


  1. A few hours of bliss does wonders to the mind and body.

    Like most sweeping statements, this is not always true.

    I have a brother who de_stressses at the end if a hard day’s work by playing the draught game with very challenging opponents.

    I would also rather enjoy somnolence and tranquility by wilfully giving myself mental stressors. Occasional idleness may be good for your body, but is certainly injurious to your mental health.

    But, I get the general gist ..

    Different folks, different slaps, I suppose.

  2. It’s actually a great feature that comes in handy when needed,I wish this should be baked in to the Android OS by Google natively,it’s certainly worth implementing across board..

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