More Windowsphone 7 Series in action

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The guys over at MobileCrunch have three videos of Windowsphone 7 series running on an actual device. Here is one:

You can head over to MobileCrunch for more Windowsphone 7 series live action.


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  1. Microsoft faces the greatest challenge of their corporate existence in this era of butthroat competition.
    They are losing grip, on almost all fronts.
    I sincerely pray they successfully reinvent their business model
    It is not just about size, hype and technological prowess anymore.
    It is about winning ideas and the speed of implementing those ideas.
    And ideas can be found in the most unexpected ways and places!

    Forgive me. The ‘Tip us” captcha has not been allowing me to do this..
    Bolt Browser 1.7 has been released..Been giving it a spin..

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