Most Popular Articles Of 2012 On MOBILITY

Posted by Mister Mobility

I was sort of bored and went snooping through our site statistics, and thought there would be people out there who might be interested in the top viewed articles on this site in the year 2012 which ended a few days ago. Here’s the compiled list:

  1. 1] How Wi-Fi HotSpot On BlackBerry OS 7.1 Works
  2. 2] IM and Social Media killing mobile operators’ SMS traffic and revenue?
  3. 3] The Huawei U8180 “Gaga” Phone – A capable entry level smartphone
  4. 4] Glo BIS for 1,400 Naira per Month
  5. 5] Etisalat Provides Unlimited Access on Facebook with New Bundles
  6. 6] MTN-branded Opera Mini web browser now available
  7. 7] How to use Nokia C3 as modem
  8. 8] Airtel Nigeria Prepaid BlackBerry Service (BIS)
  9. 9] Official configuration settings for the new Glo prepaid internet bundle plans
  10. 10] How The Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 Saved Me From Insanity


Of the top ten articles, four are BlackBerry related. Despite the lack of exciting new devices on the platform, interest in BlackBerry devices and services is still high.

Two are about mobile internet plans. Naturally, lots of users must be interested in getting the most reliable and most affordable mobile internet plans.

The only review on the list is of the Huawei gaga smartphone, a budget smartphone. If that indicates something, perhaps we should focus more on reviewing budget devices.

Anyway, there you are – the most popular articles of 2012 on your favourite mobile tech community, MOBILITY.

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