Most smartphone users download less than 26 Apps

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Smartphone App Downloads 2013

Take a look at the above chart prepared by Statistica. It shows the average app downloads in the top countries and the global average. An understanding of statistics means that there are a few countries at the top with large downloads, and the majority lie below the global average. The chart puts the global average at 26 apps. In simple terms, most smartphone users download less than 26 apps to their devices.

The global average also indicates that most users pay for less than 27% of the apps that they download. In other words, on the average, less than 6% of apps downloaded are paid for. The remaining 73% are free apps. In some regions, we can expect less than 5% paid downloads.

I have 46 apps on my Lumia. How many apps do you have installed on yours?



  1. // I have 46 apps on my
    Lumia. How many
    apps do you have
    installed on yours?//

    Initially, I did not note the Author of this article.

    When I read the quoted paragraph, I scrolled up to see who penned it.

    Then I had an epiphany.

    Things, they are really a_changing! Mr. Mo, a self,_confessed app hater, with a whopping 46 apps installed !

    Somebody shout Hallelu_app!

    I don’t know exactly how many apps I have installed on my device(s). It is markedly higher on the Tablet which happens to have far more available installable space.

    But, some things that could influence how many apps people install would include :

    App availability, ratio of free to paid, amounts of memory in which to install, number of pre-installed apps by the manufacturer, etc. .

    The more capable and sophisticated devices become, the higher the number of apps needed to make use of those functions.

  2. i never take these stats seriously, this is just a mathematically average there are tons of people out there that do not download apps at all or even know or care that apps exist and those that either get it from friends (bluetooth or transfer from a computer) and those that download from other sources that arent counted.
    Stats like these might involve taking the total number of downloaded apps from App stors and dividing it by the total number of Apps capable devices owned or sold, which doesnt represent the real situation.

    As for my app usage i have 116 apps, 88 of them were downloaded from the Google Play Store others from other sources, and there are also tons more that have been long uninstalled (162 according to TitaniumBackUp)

  3. I have about 190 downloaded apps installed presently, about ten of them or so came with the device.

    a good number of the apps are no real apps but rather add-ons to other apps, like theme and language apps for keyboard etc. I keep trying new apps to see if there are better apps than the ones I have installed and if I discover better apps, I simply replace our in some cases keep them without uninstalling the ones I’m currently using.

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