In this Moto e4 first impressions article, Mister Mo shares his thoughts about the handy smartphone. What does he have to say? Read below to

Moto e4 First Impressions And Photos

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In this Moto e4 first impressions article, Mister Mo shares his thoughts about the handy smartphone. What does he have to say? Read below to find out.


moto e4 review box

Picking the e4 out of the box, one is immediately welcomed by a nice, solid feel to the device. It is built of metal, is handy (it has a 5-inch display), and feels quite light in the hand. The Moto e4 does not feel cheap in any way. But then, the Motorola/Moto brand has had a reputation for merging solid hardware with budget devices. The Moto e4 is true to that.


Depending on the market, the Moto e4 is powered by either a Snapdragon™ 425/427 or MediaTek 6737 quad-core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz. The unit we have here is the Mediatek-powered version.


The back is removable, as is the 2800 mAh battery. You will find the dual SIM card slots and a dedicated micro-SD card slot after peeling off the back cover.


Hello Moto e4

moto e4 review homescreen in hand
Powering it on, one is greeted by a Hello Moto animation followed by the logo of the parent company, Lenovo. The OS is almost stock Android, bar minor customisations. The first time I had to enter text, the Moto e4 quickly reminded me of the brand’s solid haptic feedback. I consider it one of the very best in the industry. Typing is a joy.

The Moto e4 has 2 GB of RAM for app. Ordinarily, I would be skeptical of getting a good app switching experience with that, but this is almost 100% stock Android. That means that the phone has less pressure on it and hopefully, performance will be smooth despite that amount of RAM. But we will be able to give a verdict when our full review is ready.


moto e4 first impressions back in hand


Other Stuff

The Moto e4 is 4G LTE capable, has a water/splash-repellent coating, an 8 megapixels main camera and a 5 megapixels selfie camera. Both cameras have a flashlight. There is a fingerprint scanner embedded in what looks like the Home button but is in reality only functional with the scanner. The phone uses an onscreen navigation keys just above the scanner. If you press the button a bit while the display is on, it turns it off. Getting used to this is going to take a while. I instinctively press it when i want to return home – and the screen shuts off. A bit of an annoyance.

But we love the Moto e4 already. We certainly prefer it to the G5 (see our Moto G5 hands-on). You can check out the Moto e4 specifications, as well as ask any questions you may have about this compact smartphone.

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  2. You did a very good review on this device, great job I must say. The device itself is a nice phone

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