Motorola announces the Fire and Fire XT

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Motorola Mobility have announced two new budget Android 2.3 smartphones: Motorola FIRE and FIRE XT.

Key features and specifications for both FIRE XT and FIRE:
• Users have access to more than 250,000 apps from Android Market™
• 3G3 / WIFI4 enabled and supports 3G hotspot for connecting up to 5 devices
• Access to Google Maps™, Google Talk™ and Gmail™
• FM Radio with radio data system (RDS) support
• 2GB microSD card in box, expandable up to 32GB
• Supports E-mail (POP3/IMAP4), Enterprise-Class E-mail and MMS
• Assisted global positioning system (aGPS)1,2
• E-compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor

Motorola FIRE and Fire XT

Here are the Key Differences between the two devices:

Motorola Fire

  • full QWERTY keyboard
  • 7.1cm (2.8-inch) touch-screen display
  • 3MP camera

Motorola Fire XT

  • 5MP auto-focus camera with built-in flash

The devices are being launched in India.

Pricing and Availability

Motorola FIRE XT and FIRE are available at select outlets in select cities. The Motorola FIRE XT is priced at a best buy of Rs 12,990 (MRP: Rs 13,890) and the FIRE is available at a best buy of Rs 9,490 (MRP: Rs 9,990).

  1. Please who published this article. It has shameless copy and paste written all over it. for the love of God, how many people in Nigeria know the exchange rate of The India Rupees to the Naira, the author should atleast converted to Naira before posting

  2. Sigh.

    Dear martinkem,

    you do know what a press release is; right? The above is a press release. Of course, its meant to be copied and pasted.
    you are aware that this site is no longer just a Nigeria-centric site; aren’t you? This is the Mobility blog; not MobilityNigeria. We cover global mobile news

    Feel free to do the currency conversion if you are interested in importing the devices from India.

  3. @Yomi ok if you say so, but it’d be help if you can try to localize the news/press release. inasmuch as mobility is now an international blog, most of it’s readership is Nigeria so such info would really come in handy

  4. Conversion- rupee to dollar

    1.0000 INR = 0.02087 USD

    Indian Rupee (INR) US Dollar (USD)
    1 INR = 0.02087

    USD 1 USD = 47.9180 INR

  5. India is not the only country where these devices can sell, motorola should ship to africa as well. from the specs and prices, these will be hot cakes in the nigerian market for those craving for Android but can’t afford the expensive ones on the shelves.

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