Motorola Milestone XT720 – Android rival to the N8?

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Today, Motorola announced the XT720, an Android-powered device that is already being touted as Motorola’s answer to Nokia’s recently-announced N8. Perhaps those rooting for the N8 need to hold on a bit and take a look at this? Get the gist below and tell us what you think!

BASINGSTOKE, UK – June 7, 2010 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced MILESTONE™ XT720, one of the world’s slimmest 8 Megapixel Android™ smartphones and the first to have a Xenon Flash.

This sleek (10.9mm), capacitive touch Android 2.1 phone also features a high definition (HD) video experience and enhanced media and mobile internet capabilities for users who expect the latest in technology and the ultimate smartphone experience.

Ralf Gerbershagen, vice president and general manager for Motorola’s Mobile Devices business in Western Europe said, “MILESTONE XT720 is one of the most powerful phones in Motorola’s current smartphone range. Slim, sophisticated and technically savvy, MILESTONE XT720 is a high performance device designed for those who are actively engaged in both their work and social lives.

“With MILESTONE XT720, Motorola has taken yet another step towards eliminating the barriers for consumers to creating and consuming media on the go.”

Enhanced Digital Camera & Video
motorolaMILESTONE XT720 breaks new ground for Android smartphones by offering an 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, 10x digital zoom, and a 720p HD camcorder. It allows users to not only capture, view and share high quality photos and videos, but also helps make them look better than ever. Key features include:

• Smart image capture: includes easy panorama, face detection, multi-shot (six shots in a row), face filter, red eye reduction, camera shake prevention and more, to improve the image quality and variety
• High definition multimedia interface (HDMI™): HDMI cable (in box) allows HD video captured on the MILESTONE XT720 to be viewed directly on an HDTV
• Memory card support: 8GB microSD card included inbox; expandable up to 32GB

Designed For Mobile Internet
MILESTONE™ XT720 is designed to deliver high speed web-browsing and it has the capacity to support up to eight open browser windows. The huge 3.7 inch, WVGA (480X854) display shows full page websites, videos, games, or photos in glorious detail.

Taking full advantage of the power of Android 2.1, the display uses a powerful combination of Motorola’s touch user interface (UI) and a capacitive touch sensor for smooth screen flipping and scrolling, and up to five customisable home screens.

A suite of Google™ mobile applications including Google Search™, Google Maps™, Gmail™ and YouTube™ are also integrated onto the device, as well as Motorola’s MOTONAV turn by turn navigation1.

Advanced Mobile Office
MILESTONE XT720 supports management of multiple accounts and document editing to ensure efficiency and true multi-tasking on the go.
• Synchronise and manage multiple email accounts simultaneously, letting you separate your work and personal inboxes
• Gmail contacts sync: synchronise contacts from the accounts that are added on the device.

Apps Power
MILESTONE XT720 provides easy access to thousands of apps available on Android Market™ and has the processing power to ensure your favourites run swiftly and smoothly.


  1. Nice but i still think d N8 is more sophisticated in terms of capabilities. Just my opinion tho.

  2. d N8 is more sophisticated in terms of capabilities

    My sentiments exactly. Still, while not my type of device, among droids, this guys is to die for.

  3. “8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, 10x digital zoom, and a 720p HD camcorder”, If I read that right, then this a Monster device. But my N8 may just beat it. Has anyone forgotten USB-on the-Go? I doubt the motorola Milestone baby has it.

    The other major point to decide for me will be the price point of both device. If they are close, i may just choose my N8!

  4. I am looking at this in terms of price. if my hunch is right the Motorola will be cheaper than the Nokia. Yom can you please confirm? Motorola is surely a worthy competitor to Nokia.

  5. Other information on the XT720 from Motorola :

    – OpenGL ES 2.0 support, 2D/3D accelerator for Graphics
    – Webkit Full HTML5 Browser
    – multi-touch support

  6. The specs of the N8 is far more impressive. If the XT720 is released, I doubt if it wil be available in Nigeria some few months after release. This could be a setback for people that want to snap it up immediately after is released.

  7. Any usb on the go? If the answer is no, I rest my case. This baby is not even near.

  8. archie,

    I am looking at this in terms of price. if my hunch is right the Motorola will be cheaper than the Nokia. Yom can you please confirm?

    GSMArena reports that the XT720 is expected to hit the shelves on the 2nd of July at the cost of 450 GBP per unit. Sounds pricey, but it will hopefully drop a bit in a while.

  9. Motorola MILESTONE XT720 is already receiving a specs boost:

    Apparently to appease customers who were disappointed atthe low processor and RAM initially stated for the XT720, it seems like Motorola is upgrading the specs of the device a bit:

    • Processor now clocked at 720MHz
    • RAM now ramped up to 512MB


  10. @archie. The N8 Would likely be cheaper. Eldar Mutarzin from mobile-review claims that Nokia has chopped off up to 19% from their high end handsets.

  11. And the price of the N8 is estimated to be 350 Euros. That’s a good bargain if you ask me.

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