Can I move default apps to memory card on Android Marshmallow?

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We got an email enquiry from someone named Tobi. The questions were about whether it is possible to move default apps to memory card on Android Marshmallow, as well as the use of memory card as default storage on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus. We are publishing the answers as a post so the information is available to anyone else who may have same or similar questions.

Can I move default apps to memory card on Android Marshmallow?

Here is Tobi’s email content:

Please, does running “Marshmallow” enable me to move default apps like music and gallery?

I just watched a video showing that the internal storage gets exhausted after about 13 apps are downloaded despite moving most of the apps to the memory card. My current phone has an internal storage of 11GB, which is almost full – and I have downloaded 26 apps already.With a 32G memory card formatted to a flash memory on marshmallow, do you think I will be fine with the Samsung Galaxy Grand prime plus?

Secondly, would there be any necessity to change the default location to save items on the phone, since both storage locations are now flash memory?


To the first question: I haven’t used the feature in a long while, but I doubt that you can move apps baked into the OS – like music and gallery – from a phone’s internal storage to a memory card. You will be able to move only apps that you download and install.

The second question: Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus has only 8 GB internal storage. Note that your current phone has 11 GB internal storage, which is more than what the Galaxy Grand Prime has. If you use a 32 GB card with it, that brings your total storage to 40 GB. You should be fine.

Lastly, as far as I know, to be able to use your memory card as internal storage, you have to set it up as your default storage. As a matter of fact, when you insert your memory card, you should get prompted to set it up and choose it as your default storage right from there. See this article for more details.

Once the initial setup is done, your apps and media get saved there automatically without any intervention from you.

A Few Important Points

  1. The memory card will be formatted when you opt to use it as internal storage. That means you will lose any files that exist on it if you have used it before.
  2. Also, use the fastest possible card that your phone supports. Memory cards come in different classes. Use the highest possible rated card for your device.

I hope this answers Tobi’s questions. Did I misunderstand a question, or is there need for further clarification on one thing or the other? Just use the comment box to ask and I will respond and update this post if necessary. Also, it will be nice to hear from those with more recent hands-on experience with the issues in focus. Cheers.

One comment

  1. Thank for this article, Mister Mo. Moving any default apps to memory card can never be done, the least one can do is to set your memory card as default storage, and even though you do that, not every apps works very well on memory card. Only your video, pictures and music you get to enjoy on it.

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