This is how you will pay for fuel and parking in the future

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Mobile payment is big news, but it gets bigger and bigger than anyone ever imagined it would. In a new bold move, Honda Automobiles in partnership with Visa, has announced plans to turn their cars into mobile wallets that can be used to pay for petrol and parking, much like your ATM card. Sounds cool; right? But this isn’t an idea still cooking in someone’s head. The concept has already been demonstrated.

Honda Connected Car - Visa - MWC2016 - demo

At the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a model app developed by Honda and Visa was demonstrated, showing off how it lets a driver pay for fuel and parking right from the comfort of the car. The app, which can be accessed through the car’s dashboard, alerts the driver when they are running low on fuel and further gives direction to the nearest petrol station to fill up. As soon as the car pulls up next to the pump, the app then calculates the cost of filling up the tank and lets the driver pay right from the vehicle’s dashboard. Drivers can also purchase items from the convenience store at the station.

According to research firm, Gartner, there will be an estimated quarter of a billion connected vehicles on the road by 2020, which means people will in turn be handling a lot of transactions on their car’s dashboards.

2015 in Nigeria saw the launch of different payment platforms like the PayAttitude and the PayWithCapture, both of which are challenging users to pay in different interesting ways. This Honda/Visa innovation would surely be welcome in offering users even more payment options.

Nigeria will obviously still have to wait a while for this service to become available here as the company says they will be testing the fuel app concept in northern California and the parking app concept in New York City, both over a three-month period, starting this Spring.

Who knows though? Maybe local manufacturers like Innoson Motors can take the inspiration to launch something equally as daring. Zoto, the new mobile payment company in Nigeria has already started releasing services that offer users the options to handle online transactions more conveniently. Perhaps a collaboration between these two local brands can turn up something interesting?

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  1. “Nigeria will obviously still have to wait a while for this service to become available here…” Err excuse me? Only Nigeria? Do you even know how expensive this will be in the first place?

    I can guarantee you not only Nigeria but many people elsewhere in the world will wait a while for this tech to be affordable to them, much less available. And if people can already hack into keyless cars, what’s to stop them hacking into your Visa details connected to your car?

    The rest of us will leave this for the early adopters and can wait for this kind of tech to “evolve”

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