Advertisement I use a BlackBerry 8520 (Curve 2) and an LG Optimus E405 (running Android OS) and no; I am not old fashioned using Curve 2. I…

Moving On With Android, Stuck On BlackBerry

BlackBerry to Android


I use a BlackBerry 8520 (Curve 2) and an LG Optimus E405 (running Android OS) and no; I am not old fashioned using Curve 2. I will probably upgrade to a more up-to-date BlackBerry when I can afford to buy a BB10 device later in the year.

As an upcoming Android loving babe, I have wanted to leave the BlackBerry zone, but I find it very difficult to, not because of BBM or the other social networks, but because of INTERNET DATA.


As much as I love to surf the net and do other geeky stuff on my Android LG, the internet data consumption is very outrageous, and consequently very expensive. There’s absolutely no dedicated internet data bundle for the Android device yet, unlike its BlackBerry counterpart which has a dedicated Blackberry Internet Service (BIS).

I have used all the four different GSM networks for my BIS subscription at various times, and I didn’t need to worry about how much I spend on internet subscription once I make my one off subscription for the month.


I am currently using Glo BIS and I am entitled to a 3GB data on every subscription I make. With my 3GB internet data, I download music, videos and other necessary documents and files without exhausting my data cap most times. Airtel’s BIS monthly data cap is 1GB, Etisalat is unlimited BIS data, while I am not sure of MTN’s.

Using my Android device has been a great experience. This is actually the first time I will be subscribing to a mobile data plan. Until now, I go surfing the net and browsing on it only when I am connected to a wireless hotspot.

My exact point is that EXCEPT there’s a dedicated internet bundle for the Android family, I can’t totally dump my dear BlackBerry for Android. And YES, Android for me has a more user friendly interface and better applications than BlackBerry. But, till further notice, I remain a BlackBerry babe. It’s nothing personal.

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  1. How come nobody knows or is sure of MTN’s data cap for their BB service? The rumour is that it is unlimited but that is just what it is – rumour. Happy new year to you guys.

  2. As loving as Android is, the only but is the High Data Consumption! All the same, I still prefer Android for now, as there are limitless exploration with its Apps 🙂

  3. I use university wifi for my gadgets almost all the time. But when I have to go outside the university premises, and I need data, it’s expensive to subscribe for data plans for my gadgets.

    That’s why I reactivated my BB again, for a very cheap price (about N840/month). Nothing beats the cheap BIS internet.

  4. This Data palaver remind me of my Nokia N900 it suck Data like leviathan a time I will exhaust Glo 7.5Gig within a month and that dig my pocket by 6k. I have to abandon the phone and stick to my BB 8520. But playbook has come to my aid this day.
    As for MTN there Blackberry Data is unlimited that is what I use and I throthle as much as 5Gig in a month even on EDGE

  5. ithis android data guzzling is an overflogged fallacy.

    It is a matter of your consumption pattern, rather than Android itself.

    if you wish to enjoy low data consumption, do most of your internet access via a server assisted web browser like Opera Mini.

    and follow other tips given on this site and elsewhere.

    In other words, you would not have apps like Falcon, gReader or Facebook syncing interminably in the background and still expect abysmal data consumption.

    I have to struggle to consume 10mb a day on Android and I am a heavy user.

    With Airtel1’s 1 Gig/ month, data worries are inexistent for me.

    for people running ICS and later, they may want to take a look @ “Onavo Extend” app for Android.

    Of course if limitless data is your goal, by all means, stick to Blackberry. that may be its only USP any way.

  6. I can’t agree more with Eyebeekay, I do use airtel 1gb blackberry social month on my iphone & I don’t seem to have any problem worrying about my data consumption.

  7. But why is it difficult to have dedicated Android data service like BB BIS? Is it that we dont have enough people using Android in Nigeria? Or is it a global practice?

  8. Don’t you mean “8520”?
    Blackberry has a very comprehensive data compression technology which is baked into their BIS service. All Mobile carriers having BIS subscription plans use this service, and as a result, get to save on data traffic. There is no such service for android, hence the expensive data.

  9. Airtel allows you to tether your 1gb bis subscription without any tinkering. just subscribe to airtel bis and pop your sim in your android phone and you get to use 1gb for 1month on your android.

    heard glo has also recently opened theirs and you get 3gb for 1month

  10. The Airtel BIS data plan is what i am using presently on the LG droid, its kinda fast on mobile and doesn’t really work (slow) when i tether with my PC, but all in all….i still pitch my tent with Blackberry

  11. If you wanna enjoy android, you’ll not only need enough data, but a fast one as well. I have since decided to always achieve these two by subscribing to the right ISP.
    Lammy, just stick to what works best for you. I wouldn’t be caught on BB anyway, even without Internet network. I haven’t seen any app on the BB platform that can offer the kind of experience I get on my android. None!

  12. How I wish am in Niue (The world’s first FREE WiFi Nation) with my Android device!

  13. I kinda agree with you eyebeekay, moving on to the android platform has been very interesting for me, except for the unlimited data allowance on BB, nothing else really. With a little fine tuning here and there and with autosync turned off for most apps, you are just good to go! And with google play store by ur side, just enjoy!

  14. Apparently, u aren’t aware it’s possible to use a BIS plan on ur android. I use MTN BIS cos it’s easy to tweak. For me, after discover aw to use MTN BIS on android, it’s been android all d way 🙂

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