Moving On With Android, Stuck On BlackBerry

BlackBerry to Android

I use a BlackBerry 8520 (Curve 2) and an LG Optimus E405 (running Android OS) and no; I am not old fashioned using Curve 2. I will probably upgrade to a more up-to-date BlackBerry when I can afford to buy a BB10 device later in the year.

As an upcoming Android loving babe, I have wanted to leave the BlackBerry zone, but I find it very difficult to, not because of BBM or the other social networks, but because of INTERNET DATA.

As much as I love to surf the net and do other geeky stuff on my Android LG, the internet data consumption is very outrageous, and consequently very expensive. There’s absolutely no dedicated internet data bundle for the Android device yet, unlike its BlackBerry counterpart which has a dedicated Blackberry Internet Service (BIS).

I have used all the four different GSM networks for my BIS subscription at various times, and I didn’t need to worry about how much I spend on internet subscription once I make my one off subscription for the month.

I am currently using Glo BIS and I am entitled to a 3GB data on every subscription I make. With my 3GB internet data, I download music, videos and other necessary documents and files without exhausting my data cap most times. Airtel’s BIS monthly data cap is 1GB, Etisalat is unlimited BIS data, while I am not sure of MTN’s.

Using my Android device has been a great experience. This is actually the first time I will be subscribing to a mobile data plan. Until now, I go surfing the net and browsing on it only when I am connected to a wireless hotspot.

My exact point is that EXCEPT there’s a dedicated internet bundle for the Android family, I can’t totally dump my dear BlackBerry for Android. And YES, Android for me has a more user friendly interface and better applications than BlackBerry. But, till further notice, I remain a BlackBerry babe. It’s nothing personal.

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