takes a hit: the apocalypse – or not

Music labels are not playing any more and illegal download sites and services are taking a hit here and there. is was one of the world’s most popular sites for MP3 downloads. The site, which provides free downloading of all kinds of audio files, has finally taken a hit.

After Sony, Warner, Universal and the Recording Industry Association of America, jointly filed legal proceedings against the site, the court has ruled that MP3 Skull pay the sum of $22 million. The ruling also requires that the domain name be handed over.

MP3 Skull was founded in 2010. It was particularly notorious for linking directly to MP3 files on other websites. So it was not only guilty of pushing out music content but of hotlinking while doing so.

The ghosts of arise?

According to Forbes, nobody from the illegal music download site showed up in court once all through the process. So, the original  website is gone. Hurrah; right? Not so fast. In its place has risen a handful of alternative domain names that are variants of the original site.

Are these owned by the people behind the site? Whoever owns them is playing smart, as they have been up and running for months now.

Odd though that the original site itself had been unavailable long before the court’s ruling. Was that an attempt by the owner/s to evade detection and apprehension? The battle against piracy and intellectual property violations is a tough one. But it is a battle that is very real. Fans of free MP3 download sites take note: the music industry isn’t playing any more.

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One thought on “ takes a hit: the apocalypse – or not

  • February 28, 2016 at 6:45 am

    It is just sad that very many people don’t want to pay for someone else’s intellectual proceeds especially in these parts of Africa.

    We want everything free and still enjoy all it has to offer. From computer games to music, movies, etc.
    Sometimes, it saddens me that people can’t pay a token to download apps in the Playstore, they still look for modded versions? If you were a programmer, and have slept and woken up, twisting and turning codes to make apps up and running, with sleepless nights, days of almost going mad. Then someone out there can’t appreciate those efforts? I mean!

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