The Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket is a diminutive touchscreen device targeted at the low end market. There is not much to be expected in terms

Mr. Mo reviews the Samsung Galaxy Pocket

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The Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket is a diminutive touchscreen device targeted at the low end market. There is not much to be expected in terms of hardware at this price point, but then all the software goodies of Android are in there.

Quick Specs

Display: 240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches TFT
OS: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
Processor: 832 MHz
Internal memory: 3GB
External memory slot: microSD card support up to 32GB
Camera: 2 megapixel, without auto-focus, without flash
Battery: 1200 mAh

Getting Acquainted

On board are Gmail (with synchronisation with contacts and calendar), Play Shop, Email, web browser, Gtalk, Youtube, and Google Maps. Its all there.

The Galaxy Pocket runs Android 2.36 Gingerbread, so there’s also tethering and hotspot in the picture, alongside Polaris Viewer for viewing Office documents. There’s no editing option here though. Still, its fair enough at this price point.

Samsung have pre-loaded Opera Mini and Spinlet as well, plus a File Manager. The inclusion of Opera Mini is a sensible one, as people who buy this device are clearly on a budget and will appreciate the cost-saving benefits of browsing the internet on Opera Mini.

Samsung have done an amazing job packing a 3GB internal storage into something this small and this cheap. There’s only a total of 2.2GB available to the end user though. Still, that is plenty. Lots of smartphones in this price range provide no more than 300MB of internal storage. There is also a microSD slot for your convenience.


The picture below shows you the size of the Galaxy Pocket in comparison with the 4.7 inch HTC One X.
The Galaxy Pocket is all plastic, as expected.

Having reviewed a number of low-end Android devices and being disappointed, I was quite apprehensive about the responsiveness of the touchscreen. I was pleasantly surprised to find it a bit more usable than displays on competing devices.

Typing on this small display can be painful. It is better done in landscape, and even at that the keyboard takes up most of the view.

Yes; the small display has its impact on usability, but it works. Again, there isn’t much that you can ask for at this price. There are 7 desktops available for you to customise as you deem fit.

The Menu and Back keys are not as responsive as I would have loved though.


The camera is only 2 megapixels and there is no flash. That’s fine at this price too. Don’t expect to take any smashing photographs with this baby


Music playback is via the stock Android player. Audio reproduction is loud – louder than what the HTC One X offers, but of much lower quality to it.

Video playback is basic two. I was able to play only MP4 files. No luck with AVI and others that I tried.


The Galaxy Pocket doesn’t provide performance at the level of the upper level of smartphones. It is absurd to expect that, but it gets the job done. The low RAM (yet to be confirmed) expected of devices at this price point means that running apps get shut down in the background a lot. Don’t expect the fastest or the smoothest operations here too either.


This is a top job by Samsung. If you need a budget smartphone, I certainly recommend the Galaxy Pocket. At about N18,000, it is the cheapest global brand smartphone that you can lay your hands on.


  1. @chukwudi speaking from experience of owning a budget android phone, third party video apps wouldn’t really help. The reason is, since those formats are not supported by the hardware, the video player would have to use its software for the playback. However, since the processor is probably not that fast, it wouldn’t be able to decode the video fast enough and you’ll end up having a video that just freezes up and only plays audio, or one that is very slow and doesn’t properly sync with the audio.

  2. The problem with using a smallscreened touchscreen phone is the necessity to hit the correct buttons when typing.

    Thankfully, smart keyboard apps like SwiftKey, Swype, Touchpal and slide it _ are all making accurate pinpointing unnecessary.

    I would then conclude that a smaller screened phone is easier to type on (with the right keyboard app) _ because your fingers have less distance to travel.

    The real challenge, for me, for this size of phone, would be the legibility of the screen – because of the tiny fonts…

  3. A great budget entry phone. My wonder with Samsung is why they couldn’t ship it with ICS! Gingerbread is so outdated!

    Fragmentation. Only 6% of Android devices have ICS so far, yet Jellybeans is coming out in the fall!!

  4. 3 Galaxy pockets cud fit on the screen of the HTC one X!. I guess this is not for me. Just wish OEMs would make hand friendly phone sizes btw 3.5-4 inches. Some android phones are just too big for the regular pocket

  5. Four things I consider very good about this phone are:
    The price
    The internal storage
    The CPU and of course
    Android 2.3.6

    If the RAM is up to 512MB, then, its only ills would be the screen size, the menu and back key poor response and limited media playback support.

  6. Sir,
    I’m still on Symbian nokia E63 but planning on joining the Android train.
    Is there any good one I can get for 30-30 k?

    Is there any Android phone wit good screen size at that range?

  7. I don’t know much about screen sizes, but I like the galaxy S II size.
    A phone that I can type on with ease, I’ve handled a friends gaga phone b4 and it was not it.

  8. Kay123,

    you Cant possibly get a big screen sized android phone like the galaxy SII for 30k..

  9. How would you rate the Samsung Galaxy Y duos compared to the galaxy pocket.
    Mr Mo; how good is the Galaxy Y pro qwerty phone?

  10. How would you rate the Samsung Galaxy Y duos compared to the galaxy pocket.
    Mr Mo; how good is the Galaxy Y pro qwerty phone?

    The Pocket, the Y Duo and the Y Pro all share the same 832 MHz processor, but the two “Y”s have better camera (3.2MP), but lower internal memory (160MB).

  11. what are d major difference betwn Tecno T1 & Samsung galaxy pocket.Which one is better 4 a new andriod phone user.Why is mo not sending reply to d email i sent 2 him concerning these 2 phones,b/c mo review i raed about them is confussing him.Let him check his mail box & pls send a reply 2 me.
    Or sbody pls help,which of these 2 phones has limited limitatns b/c am awared they both have limitatns based on mo’s review.
    Thanks 2 whoever respond!

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