Mr. Mobility #2 – Twisted

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It was always the same sequence. There was never any warning. None whatsoever. Nothing ever prepared him for the experience each time. Not even years of having the same episode over and over again. It had never happened different once. Still, it caught him off-gurd eavery single time.

Now he simply lived with it, having accepted it as a part and parcel of who he was. Still, he hated it. At first, he hated himself for being a monster. A wierdo among normal men. Now, he hated only the experience. Nothing more.

First it was the sudden jarring of the senses. Then the distortion of reality. In a moment, it was always as if he was transported into another realm. Another world. Then, he simply became another, and the episode would be complete.

Get the full story of how Mister Mobility’s arch-enemy came to be (and more) in the 2nd edition of mobileRave magazine coming out end of this month.


  1. Spacyzuma,

    Sorry it came off to you that way. What we did was put the series on hold to determine how it should fit into what we are doing now.

    We eventually agreed that a creative work such as this should be paid for and so decided to publish the fuller story in mobileRave, but post excerpts here on MobilityNigeria.

    You will agree that we need to generate funds as a business concern. mobileRave is one of our business channels to do that. I encourage you and others to subscribe to enjoy the full story if you are not already subscribed 😉

    Support the great work we are doing guys by subscribing to mobileRave! Thanks.

  2. I have already Subscribed, expecting delivery.

    Every business Man will understand.

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