This is Earth2, a flourishing, prospering planet in the Dayana solar system, a parallel world to our own known world. The two planets are similar

Mr. Mobility #1 – A World Apart

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This is Earth2, a flourishing, prospering planet in the Dayana solar system, a parallel world to our own known world. The two planets are similar in many respects – continental land masses, oceans, weather patterns, and almost in national boundaries, bar a few border modifications.

The two planets are exactly the same age, having evolved along completely parallel lines. Worlds apart – with billions of billions of light years, and no communication between the two seemingly possible – they exist.

Inhabitants of both planets live totally oblivious of the existence of their alternates. Perhaps it was just as good.

The lone figure hovering close to the International Space Station over Earth 2 looked down at the orb that he called home. Everything looked beautiful from up here. Everything. The soundless environment of space made it just perfect. No wars. No conflicts. No natural disasters.

He wished the appearance was reality. He wished for it everyday.

But things are not. In the real world, the world that he would have to descend back to soon, things are far from perfect. He had grown up as a child in that world, innocent, naive and totally unaware of these very realities.

He had dreamt back then, of space travel, and of fantastic electronic wizardry deployed for the good of humanity. He had grown reading those popular comicbooks, and so had dreamt of one day donning a super suit to save the world. Almost every child nurses such fantasies.

What had made the difference in his own case was that he had pursued those fantasies with relentless zeal. He had ignored the mockings of friends, the caution of family, and the ridicule of critics. He had immersed himself in those books and willed himself to become.

Years of diligent study, research, and experiments finally yielded the fruits that he sought – this superb, futuristic body suit incorporating some of the most advanced electronics and alied technologies that the world had ever seen. Here he was, man and machine truly one for the very first time.

He was the first of many, a totally new concept unseen, a pathfinder to man’s next frontiers. For hundreds of years, man had waged war almost exclusively by means of physical force – arrows, swords, guns, aircraft, naval fleets, tanks, and all arrays of bombs.

The 21st century however had turned the tide, and as the world had gone cyber, physical battles had gone the way of the dinosaurs. Warfare shifted to virtual territory where whole nations were brought down to their knees overnight through spectacular cyber attacks that crippled government, public communications, transportation and power, amongst others.

This world is a totally different world from that in which he had grown, and dreamed. Governments that had been once all-powerful had been caught pants-down in the new scheme of things. Not one single nation’s government was prepared for the level of damage that had now been inflicted by certain rogue elements on Earth2.

But it is a world that he had pre-empted, and a world that he was ready for. This new world is what he had been born for. To serve. To protect. And in many ways, to lead.

Hovering up there, responding to his mere thoughts, his body suit’s chips initiated a scan of various radio frequencies in search of those communication channels from which he could glean the information that he so much needed at this time. Earth2 is in great danger, and perhaps the only person who could avert the disaster that loomed was this strange, brooding figure… Mr. Mobility.

Editor’s Note
Mr. Mobility will run as a weekend special for our readers. Each edition will be published on Saturday morning every week. Mr. Mobility is a creation of Yomi Adegboye. All characters are fictional.


  1. Wow, for real? I don’t believe I’ve read Nigerian Sci-Fi anywhere yet. I guess it would have seemed a bit out of place a while ago. Now anything seems possible anywhere, and this sounds very believable. I’m curious though, as to how the fate of earth has come to lie in the hands of one man who happens to be conveniently called ‘Mr Mobility’ 🙂

  2. Banks, the future is mobile, right? In which case it’s about time Earth2’s superheroes have a mobile heritage 😀

    Watch out for all the juicy details every Saturday right here on MobilityNigeria.

  3. Reminds me of those eons ago – when I was in Secondary School. Isaac Asimov, H G Wells, and others.

    I will surely look forward to reading the weekly escapades and peregrination of Mr Mobility.

    A regression into infantilism? Nah! See the power of reserving your imagination and creativity @ How the Power of Imagination can Alter Your Brain

  4. Isn’t this lovely? For a moment I thought this was real. ANd I was wondering later if this wasn’t Nostradamous at work. Then Earth2 and parlallel universe kept catching my eye.

    I also used to read Isaac ASimov, HG WElls, among others and Science Fiction has been my favourite to date.

    Yomi, this is s nice one. ANd this gives me enough enthusiasm to anticipate the weekend. Even from my consulting Room! kudos!!

  5. Thanks for the encouraging words, guys. I haven’t written any fiction in years – actually since I left secondary school, so I am just getting into the flow again.

    I wrote some amazing stuff back then, so hopefully I can meet your expectations here.


  6. Quite thoughtful and creative.

    Apart from Tech, another thing that catches my fantasy is science.

  7. Now what do we have here? A Nigerian Author C Clarke or perhaps an incarnate of Brian Aldiss. This totally blows my mind. In my younger days, I was an avid reader of Sci fi. am not sure there was any Clarke’s book or that of Asimov, Poul Anderson, or Ray Bradbury that I had not read. I actually started a Sci fi novel but medical studies took all away from me.

    Seeing a nigerian doing this gives me immense joy knowing that what I couldn’t pursue due to circumstance is being done by a fellow countryman and by our one and only YOMI.

    I am waiting patiently (impatiently actually) for the next episode.

  8. I still ensure I read at least one sci-fi novel each month. I love sci-fi more than all other genres put together!!

  9. ‘ Each edition will be published on Saturday morning every week’

    Making that kind of promise takes SERIOUS GUMPTION.

    Creative writing takes inspiration.

    EVERY Saturday? Well, some folks thrive under PRESSURE! Not me!

    Feel free to disappoint on some Saturdays when Madam {deliberately?} applies too much salt to that pot of Edika Ekong soup! We will UNDERSTAND…

  10. hmm . . .

    I will definitely watch this space. Want to see the magic Mr.Mobility will perform. 🙂

  11. #CoveringEyesInShame

    A MN team member did get on my case about it yesterday, and wondered why everyone seems to be taking it easy with me so far.

    Sorry guys that I disappointed with the 2nd episode. Coming up soon. I might have to review the ‘every Saturday’ schedule though, as its looking like I need more than 24 hours each day, and more than 7 days a week.

    I’ll be done with the final editing soon and #2 will be up shortly. Thanks.

  12. Of course I will NOT say that I did see this #CoveringEyesInShame thing coming…

    You can UNVEIL the eyes now…

  13. @YOMI,

    EyeBeeKay is just pulling your legs. Pls don’t mind him. He knows how difficult it is writing an article or a novel that requires inspiration especially when you are engaged 30 hours a day, 8 days a week doing other important things and looking for your gari.

    Let the creativity flow when the inspirations come on you. That way, we get the best. These things are not forced.

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