Mr. Mo shares his first Ntel 4G Speedtest results

Like you already know, I got my Ntel SIM card on Saturday. Today, I was a guest at TechCityNg at Oregun, Lagos, where we shot a very fun video for their 7 Minute Show. Oh; what fun we had. To crown the good time, I found to my delight that there is very good Ntel 4G network coverage there, so I simply camped there after the video shoot.

Ntel 4G phone icons

After battling with the configuration settings on the Huawei GR3 (see my Huawei GR3 unboxing), I finally got it working around 5 pm and immediately ran a few tests tests. Here are my first Ntel 4G Speedtest results:

The Ntel 4G Speedtest Results

Ntel 4G speedtest 1

Ntel 4G Speedtest 2

As you can see, we are looking at an average of 12 Mbps download speed and 1-5 Mbps upload speed. It isn’t exactly groundbreaking. I was expecting download speeds in excess of 40 Mbps, so this is a bit disappointing. I am hoping that I can get stray signals at home and at the office, so I don’t have to pack my things permanently and become an everyday face at TechCityNg’s really cool office space.

PS: Do not forget to check out the list of Ntel 4G compatible smartphones that we are compiling.

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