Like you already know, I got my Ntel SIM card on Saturday. Today, I was a guest at TechCityNg at Oregun, Lagos, where we shot a very…

Mr. Mo shares his first Ntel 4G Speedtest results

Like you already know, I got my Ntel SIM card on Saturday. Today, I was a guest at TechCityNg at Oregun, Lagos, where we shot a very fun video for their 7 Minute Show. Oh; what fun we had. To crown the good time, I found to my delight that there is very good Ntel 4G network coverage there, so I simply camped there after the video shoot.


Ntel 4G phone icons

After battling with the configuration settings on the Huawei GR3 (see my Huawei GR3 unboxing), I finally got it working around 5 pm and immediately ran a few tests tests. Here are my first Ntel 4G Speedtest results:


The Ntel 4G Speedtest Results

Ntel 4G speedtest 1

Ntel 4G Speedtest 2


As you can see, we are looking at an average of 12 Mbps download speed and 1-5 Mbps upload speed. It isn’t exactly groundbreaking. I was expecting download speeds in excess of 40 Mbps, so this is a bit disappointing. I am hoping that I can get stray signals at home and at the office, so I don’t have to pack my things permanently and become an everyday face at TechCityNg’s really cool office space.

PS: Do not forget to check out the list of Ntel 4G compatible smartphones that we are compiling.

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  1. Ntel speed in Lagos is not really impressive compared to Abuja. I was at Ikoyi earlier 12-15Mbps

  2. The upload speed of 5Mbps is sexy. The download is as disappionting as you spotted. Chai! I hope MTN’s LTE won’t be as fake as this

  3. 12Mbps Is technically 3G speeds….Nigerian Telecom Networks and their Lie Lie Branding. As Bizzare as it May Sound my MTN 3.75G here is faster and boasts lower pings than this ntel.My MTN here in Asaba is even Faster than Smile….Strange but TRUE…i get regular download speeds of 1.4MBps on average.

  4. Bros you mean 1.4mbps on of MTN is faster than Smile? Now, that’s unbelieveable

  5. While Moto X Pure Edition is not listed amongst compatible devices for ntel, this link here says it’s compatible
    However I can seem to lock down network on the device as the LTE designated network signal disappears as soon as it comes on. I’m I doing something amiss Mr. Mo.
    Service is perfectly steadying my iPad Air 2 in most places I’ve visited here in Abuja

  6. Hi Veritas,

    This LTE compatibility issue is a mess. I am having the same problem with the Alcatel idol 3. It supports both LTE bands 3(1800) and 8(900) which Ntel 4G uses, yet the network signal vanishes as soon as it displays.

    The Lumia 950 supports both bands too, but won’t even register a network. My advice to people is that they stick with only devices that someone has tested/used successfully with whatever 4G network they are interested in.

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