I have reviewed some pretty outstanding phones this year. The cream of the crop would be these: HTC One X Nokia 808 PureView Nokia Lumia

Mr. Mo's Smartphone of the Year 2012

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I have reviewed some pretty outstanding phones this year. The cream of the crop would be these:

  1. HTC One X
  2. Nokia 808 PureView
  3. Nokia Lumia 920
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note II

Two of the four are from the Android OS camp, one from Belle OS, and another one from Windows Phone OS.

The HTC One X is probably the sexiest smartphone that I have held this year, and a very capable one. To the One X belongs the honour of finally winning me over to the Android side. The heavily Sense-skinned UI did it for me, though it also raised some multitasking quirks.

The Nokia 808 PureView may not be everyone’s baby, but it beats everything hands down at what it does. Even its cousin, the Lumia 920’s camera is only a contender in name for the most part. I daresay that the 808 will be unbeaten in the camera stakes for years to come, same as the N8 was. Till the 808 came along. The 808 PureView is the last of the Belles and certainly a collector’s item.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a fresh breath of air. Beautifully built, it runs Windows Phone 8, and is an absolute joy to use. I am a big fan of the UI and its simplicity. The 920’s camera is great in low light scenarios and for shake-free pictures and videos. It also has what I consider the best display on any mobile in the world at the moment. It is a compelling smartphone.

Last, and certainly not the least, the Samsung Galaxy Note II that I am reviewing at the moment is almost beyond words. It is the incredible Hulk of smartphones. The more you throw at it, the more it goes. Packing a huge, beautiful display, electronic stylus for lots of creative and business uses, oodles of RAM and beefy processors, the Note II rules the roost. Plus, the lightly skinned Android interface and superb battery life help nail it pretty well.

My smartphone of the year 2012? No contest: Samsung Galaxy Note II. This is the modern touchscreen equivalent of what the Communicators used to be.



  1. If you had chosen anything else,
    I would have accused you of rigging.
    😀 I’m yet to see any smartphone that can stand eyeball to eyeball with the Note II.

  2. In order of how I desire them, I would arrange those 4 phones in this order:

    Lumia 920 > 808 Pureview > Galaxy Note II = One X

    I am gonna find and buy a fairly-used 808PV one of these days, just for my collection. Like the N9, it’s one in a lifetime (of mobiles) 😀

  3. Interesting!
    I think the Note II is actually a wonderful device and merits to our be among the top devices of 2012 and an Android device leaving such a good impression on Mr. Mo is really a huge achievement.

  4. For me, the Note 2 takes the award. Very beautiful and well thought-out design, inside out. This goes to show that Samsung is heading towards a great 2013.

    Next is the Lumia 920. The utter simplicity of the UI and snappy response is something smartphones should be made off.

    Then the One X comes a distant 3rd. It’s on the design that has something going for this device.

  5. @awikonko, you made me laugh aloud. Damn! Not dissing BB though, but none of them BBs can come near any of the above. Well, my opinion.

    The Note2 is so amazing… I just wonder if I will be getting a new device for another 2years. It does those things others are still planning for their 2013/2014 releases. Thought Mr Mo didn’t add any iphone device. I have personally used the iphone4s severally and watched people compare the iphone5 with the Note2, this beast just shines. Multitasking, battery life, display, connectivity, storage and the S-Pen, all to die for.

  6. for me,the Note II wears the crown. the device is future-proof. It’s also a wake-up call to other OEM’s out there. I forsee a fierce battle for supremacy in the coming year with the advent of full HD (1080p) devices and probably flexible screens with 8 cores. Quite an interesting year ahead in the world of mobile

  7. Sola,

    Here are a few things that make the note II better than version I;

    1. bigger and better display
    2. better version of TouchWiz UI
    3. more RAM and more powerful processor, meaning better performance
    4. beefier battery and better battery life
    5. more advanced stylus
  8. I was apprehensive about the battery life of the note 2 before now. Am impressed so far and I guess I have to go back on my new year resolution of not buying a mobile phone this year.

  9. Enjoying my PureView, who else can give me such awesome camera and FM transmitter in a high end phone.

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