Mrs. Mo takes the VAWLT 29 smartwatch for a spin

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Mrs Mo VAWLT S29

Mrs. Mo saw the VAWLT S29 when I took it home last week and liked it immediately. Actually, everybody in my household liked it immediately. Girl Mo and Boy Mo also jumped at it instantly. So, when the Mrs. asked to use it for a while, I handed it over to her. It would be nice to hear what a non-techie thought of it after actually using it.

First surprise was that she asked for the bundled wired headset to use with it. Me, I disliked the idea of a wired headset with a smartwatch from the go. But then, variety is the spice of life, and the manufacturers must have had an idea at the back of their mind when they included the feature and bundled the headset.

Yesterday night, we put her SIM card in the phone watch. Today is her first day of rocking it. After a few hours of use, her first comment was about the volume:

The volume is low. I have put it at the highest volume, so I can hear properly when using the handsfree.

In my review, I mentioned the volume not being the loudest as well.

The question I asked earlier was, “Can the S29 could replace my regular watches?” I do not think that any one watch can do that, smartwatch or not, after all, I do not wear one watch all the time. I find myself interchanging it with the other regular watches, depending on my need and/or want per day. That is certainly very okay for any wrist watch.

In the meantime, I shall wait for Mrs. Mo’s complete feedback after a few days of use.

  1. Yesterday I tried on my friend’s Pebble Time. Can’t wait to get my hand on that baby.

    Looking forward to hearing Mrs Mo’s non-techie review.

  2. 1) if that’s d real pic of Mrs mo, then am tripping. lol
    2) I think smart watches can replace regular watches if they are made as standalone

  3. Nah, can’t replace a dedicated watch until the battery life is improved.

    I can see the likes of Swatch et al trying to trump the smart watch market.

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