Mrs. Mo’s Humpty-Dumpty lives on!

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There seems to be an unwritten agreement between Mrs. Mo and her mobile power bank that the poor gadget must keep a date with the floor at least once every other week. I kid not.

Again and again, the Pliris Gynja (her power bank) takes a dive from her hand or her bag for the floor. It almost always ends up in pieces. Like this:
Pliris Gynja Split Open

I took that photograph just this morning. Just last night, the Gynja took a dive again and ended up in pieces once again. Like the friendly neighbourhood techie that I pretend to be, it fell on me again to put Hunpty-Dumpty together…again. Yes; I have put it back together this evening, and it is still working as if it has not been forcefully disassembled a hundred times in the last one year.

Pliris Gynja

It is simply unbelievable the resilience that Mrs. Mo’s Gynja has shown. She has been unable to kill it

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