MTN 4G LTE is almost here for Nigerians

You read that headline right. MTN 4G LTE is on the way in Nigeria. You are likely already aware that MTN Nigeria acquired Visafone. You are also likely already aware that Visafone subscribers are being migrated to GSM, freeing up that network’s 800 MHz band for MTN to carry out their planned deployment of 4G LTE in Nigeria. The Leadership newspaper reports that MTN is working hard to have 4G LTE deployed and operational on existing 1,500 cell sites by June 2016.


Being Nigeria’s largest mobile network, MTN deploying 4G LTE is huge. One can only wonder what is going on in the boardrooms of the other GSM networks. Nigerians can safely ignore Ntel for now as far as 4G LTE is concerned, as it does not appear that they are ready for prime time yet.

Go dust your MTN SIM cards (though you will likely be required to swap them for new ones), and go get your LTE-enabled smartphones ready. MTN 4G LTE cometh!

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