MTN cheaper call rates, WhatsApp testing calls and more stories you missed last week

MTN Nigeria last week announced an update to their Tru Talk plan. The plan originally offers call rates of 20kobo/sec to all networks but the new plan now offers some thing similar to the previously phased out Family and Friends. You can now add 11 numbers (8 MTN numbers and 3 from other networks), and talk with them for as low as 11kobo/sec.

MTN Nigeria

Migrate to MTN Tru Talk by dialling *400# . Add new numbers to your list by dialling *560*1 *the number you want to register#, To remove numbers from your list dial *560*2 *the number you want to remove#, To check the numbers on your list, dial *560#.

In other news we missed last week, WhatsApp is set to introduce a VOIP calling feature similar to what we already have on BBM, Viber, Facebook and other IM apps. They’re reportedly still testing out the new feature and one can only get invited if you’re able to successfully receive a call from someone. This is really huge because WhatsApp already has a robust, widespread user base, let’s hope and pray the feature becomes mainstream in the nearest future.

WhatsAppThere’s also talk that WhatsApp is still aggressively awarding longer bans to people still using 3rd party Whatsapp clients like WhatsApp+, OGWhatsApp, etc. So to avoid stories that touch, respect yourself ,uninstall it and use the official WhatsApp client.

Last week, HTC launched a new flagship device, the HTC One M9, the release just looks plain boring, nothing breathtaking, just a few hardware upgrades. Critics have yabbed them ( Oga Mr. Mo called it a lazy design job) and I totally agree with them.

HTC One M9 official

It appears they heard the noise and are gearing up for a successor that will be called HTC One M9 Plus . Rumors loom this one will be bigger, and will come with a fingerprint scanner, at least that’s something worth drolling for.

That’s all the news we missed last week. Cheers.

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