MTN has a Daily Unlimited data plan for just N150

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MTN recently launched a new data plan. This one promises daily unlimited data, and it costs just N150.

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To subscribe:

  • Dial *567*59# you will get a message to either activate or deactivate the plan.
  • Respond with 1 to activate.
  • A message will tell you to either activate ,or that you’re not eligible.

Not everyone is eligible to using this plan. We also have doubts as to how “unlimited” this plan is. Expect some throttling when you exceed a certain data limit.


  1. There is another one for 100 naira still unlimited, just dail *567*58#. Still blazing. Not everyone is eligible to using this plan.

  2. Nice info shared but if the writer isn’t sure then …
    Now I have to call 180 by myself or tweet yello180 to ask about eligibility requirements and and fair usage policy.
    issorai – thanks for the heads up.

  3. This eligibility stuff is really uncalled for.. all the same its s much needed data. Its the throttling that is going to be the issue

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