MTN has announced a special promo running from now till January 2011 featuring reduced Blackberry Internet Service tariffs. Details of the new BIS tariffs are

MTN Drops Blackberry Tariffs (Promo)

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MTN logoMTN has announced a special promo running from now till January 2011 featuring reduced Blackberry Internet Service tariffs. Details of the new BIS tariffs are as follows:

  • Monthly – N5, 000. N3, 000. Text BIS to 21600
  • Weekly – N1, 300. N1, 000. Text BBweek to 21600

Now you can stay in touch every week, every month for less.

In addition, MTN is giving out free genuine BlackBerry accessories (Car chargers, assorted BlackBerry phone cover and leather pouches) for every new BlackBerry device you buy. Limited stock available, so hurry! Don’t forget that this promo runs till January 2011.

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  1. Makes no difference to me, as I dont see myself buying a blackberry when there are better, geeky-er phones out there.

    I was expecting this from MTN. I believe there are more price drops to follow in the following weeks. They must have a spy inside Glo’s executive circle.

    I’m eagerly expecting Glo’s reply to MTN’s price cuts. I hope their new rates/prices will be Off-Da-Hizzle-For-Shizzle!!

  2. I have always been an advocate of a group that believes the BlackBerry charges are too much.
    For MTN, the most expensive to have done this, I cant wait to see what others will do.
    Even though its only for 3 month, lets give MTN a plus for this.

  3. This is a welcome development. Seems MTN wants to encourage everyone to get blackberry because they stand to gain (data usage wise). Hope they’ll sustain this after January 2010.

  4. I have spoken about in for long. I said it, that MTN BB service will soon drop to N2,000. That when it does, I will get a BB. I subscribed to zain 100mb and I have used it for 12days, and I have only used 70mb so far. For me BB should wait a while since I need data for email, twitter, fb, and chating. All that my nokia E71 gives me. I’ll rather go for a more geeky phone too, like Iphone. BB is for the COMMON people.

  5. Can’t really say welldone to them. mtn should really their tariffs on voice calls and data. This price should remain forever

  6. Even if its 500 naira per month, doesnt matter to me..why would i buy a phone with a basic 2mp camera and just edge at 42k..or a phone with 3mp and 3g at 65k? When there are more ‘wicked’ nokia and samsung phones at far lesser prices?

  7. That is logical. Pay more for the phone and pay more for the data. But BB has its beauty.

    I dont know of other countries but in US and Uk, its employers that buy most of these BB for thier staffs, people hardly buy it themselves. Am so eager to see the technique RIM will use now becos employers are now getting Other smartphones for thier employees in US and UK.

  8. It’s only a bait.. Pay 3k now and start sweating later to keep up with the 5k monthly subscribtion. It don’t make no sense… Push email? Bbm ? Mobile internet? 5k!!! Please, 1k for 150 mb from glo for 30 days on me nokia makes more sense(IMHO). Why should the most expensive and inviting network be the first to drop their price? Let’s see glo or etisalats response…

  9. Mtn tariffs are very high. I hope the it will soom reduce to 2000naira monthly. Even though I use mtn a lot I will still say that glo is better than mtn when it comes to free stuffs

  10. But are they really serious?

    I got the text message to the same effect but just got a reminder today that my BIS will expire on 11th Nov and N5,000 will be deducted. If i want to continue, should text YES to 21600.

    What do you guys make of that?

    I’ve decided i’ll say yes but i’ll make sure i leave only N3,000 in my phone.

  11. @oluniyi..have had a first hand experience of one..and my current symbian phone makes far more sense at half the price of a blackberry

  12. MTN has finally got its acts together.
    Another reminder text sent today now says N3,000 will be deducted when you opt to renew the BIS.

  13. All these things na game. Mtn can’t do anything, without first of all considering its purse. People that can’t even sacrifice 1 naira for promo sake. whoever falls for this will end up paying double later.

  14. Cant wait till the end of this Month to see how MTN will handle the BB price war they started.

  15. We shall all wait till end of January. If the ? tarif is reverted back, we shall have to jump ship. It will be etisalat or airtel for me by then.

    Seriously, I believe MTN will leave things the way they are right now.

    @Yomi, don’t know if its only me. This new mobile site is not friendly with the BB browser. I can hardly see whwt am typing. Characters are too small and no way to enlarge the fonts. This does not happen when I use Opera mini on same BB or visit other sites on my BB native browser.

    Am using magnifying lenses to read and type this.

  16. Without the data on blackberry, the blackberry is just useless. i will just advice those people wth bb to be patient a little , nigeria will get the pocket friendly network that will go low as 1k per month. Guys is not easy to maintain a lot of things in this country.

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