Apparently, MTN wasn’t through wiith just introducing new pocket-friendly internet plans as earlier announced here on Mobility Nigeria. I am pleased to let you know

MTN Further slashes Bundle internet tariffs

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MTN logoApparently, MTN wasn’t through wiith just introducing new pocket-friendly internet plans as earlier announced here on Mobility Nigeria. I am pleased to let you know that the Y’hello network has also slashed rates and/or bumped up the data cap on their older internet bundle plans.

Here are the details:

All-Day 30-Day Plan
New Data Cap: 5GB
New Cost: N8,000

All-Night 30-Day Plan
New Data Cap: 3GB
Time Slot now 9pm – 6am
No Cost Review. Still costs N2,500

24-hour Daily Plan
New Data Cap: 150MB
No Cost Review. Still costs N500

MTN has also added two more plans – a Daily 9am – 9pm bundle suitable for business use, and a Weekend Plan, as follows:

Daily 9am – 9pm Plan
Data cap: 3GB
Cost: N6,000
Subscription: Text 107 to 131

Weekend Fri 9pm – Mon 6am Plan
Data Cap: 3GB
Cost: N3,000
Subscription: text 108 to 131

We are still awaiting Glo’s announcements, so buckle up guys. Things surely are getting more and more interesting.


  1. The competition is gettin really interesting and we the customers are begining to enjoy it!

  2. So impressive.It is just that Etisalat data services is more efficient around here,and this their opera server blockade is not helping issues either.Well, lets see how the other networks will respond to this.

  3. I thought it was an error when i subscribed for the daily plan and instead of the normal 50mb i got 150mb. Its a good move but lets see how low they can go.
    P.S. I also subscribed for the night plan but i still got 3GB in contrast to the 5GB you mentioned above.

  4. Ah ah, now thats what I am talking about.

    Ha ah, what is worth doing is worth doing well. The tariff and allowances could be lower, but this is definitely a good start.

    I suspect they will be watching the reaction of Glo, their biggest rival in the data market before further cuts.

    Now the ball is with Glo. Hope they get their acts together, tell us factual information and light up their never ending cable. We can then say, let the competition begin.

  5. Well, this is a sign of things to come. Too, too bad i subscribed to the night plan a few days earlier! Dunno if mtn will update my 3gb cap to 5gb. I think not.

  6. Good Move by the y’hello guys.

    However, i feel they can do better. For instance, why are the modifications not across the dataplan board?

    it may be instructive to do some analyses like:

    are mobile devices in the majority for accessing the web (trends suggest this)?

    Consequently, which data bundle is (likely to be) in highest demand (or most popular with subscribers)?

    One way to totally stop the free browsing craze is to make it totally unattractive.

    Who would expend enetgy to look for network loopholes for free browsing if it is simply not worth it?

    Introducing a bundle like N500/100Mbytes (say ) – should almost completely eliminate free browsing.

    Would you rather make N50 each from 1000 people- or make N10 each from 10,000?

    There would be a drastic increase in the level of data subscription (because of the low entry level).

    Revenue can then increase – for the providers..

    Subscribers are happier…

    A win-win situation….

  7. Yes! This is what I’m talking about, responsiveness to the market. MTN is now giving me what I have always been clamouring for. Well, Glo lets make MTN people jealous! Do I hate yellow this much!

  8. Nice BUT i need 3g speed to enjoy this or any other offer from any telecom provider. Someone should PLEASE tell 3g network providers to launch 3g services here in Ejigbo Lagos. Am tired of calling customer care, sending emails etc. Gprs speed is worse than dialup. Please…

  9. A signal that the turf war is yet to begin..Glo not launching yet is heating up the prizing polity and my Yhello brethren are just trying to show their cards as an early absorber against any shocking prize crash globacom might introduce.The suspense of Glo1 official lauch is making them jittery hence they are still trying to gauge what might be the right prize to avoid being blown away by competition…in whatever circumstance..the consumers will be the smiling fellows of all…Am still hoping for more prize crash…

  10. Well, I don’t see any major improvement and MTN’s opera blockade is one reason why I’m not even going to look their way. Mobile browsing sucks big time without opera mini or bolt. UC web sucks.
    Etisalat works fine for me so MTN would have to up the ante.

  11. Thank MTN for doing this first, this mean GLO will be cheaper then the competition begins………….we won at last.

  12. There is something definately wrong somewhere.
    The other plans must be adjusted.
    If daily plan(24 hrs) goes for 150mb instead of 50mb,then what will a monthly plan(30 days) of 1000 naira be? It shouldn’t be 100mb again. Anyone thinking the way i’m viewing this?

  13. this is a new move and am loving it. I kept telling people that
    their is a price Revolution that is about to be witnessed in the
    telecommunication terrain. We’ve been seeing it. call rates will still
    drop lower too and text messages. its time for the subscribers to enjoy.

    It is good for individuals to start seeing how this
    can open an opportunity for good business for them. N8,000 for 5GB
    this is definitely an improvement.

    But what is happening to etisalat and zain?

  14. thanks for all the information you are always sharing with us.
    i just confirmed this news, however the night plan is not 5GB but 3GB
    only the time increased by two hours, from 10pm that it was before it
    was shifted down to 9pm, instead of it stopping at 5am, it’ll now
    stop at 6am. please check that info Yomi.

  15. Jesse: Thanks for the correction. As you said, it is 3GB, not 5GB.

    @All: MTN has also added a Daily 9am – 9pm bundle suitable for business use, as follows:

    Daily 9am – 9pm Plan
    Data cap: 3GB
    Cost: N6,000
    Text 107 to 131 to subscribe to this package.

    I have updated the original article with these details.

  16. @yomi, are we expecting Glo to announce new/price cuts on their internet bundle or its just speculation in response to MTN price cuts?

    I also notice there is little news coverage on cdma network.

    Like multilinks evdo modem is now N8000. and they now sell nokia i1508 for N2500. Which is a modem phone. Their price tariff? Anyone knows..sorry for deviating. Thanks

  17. This is a highluy welcome devcelopment. I only wonder where Zain lies in the scheme of things. Must they always lag behind in everything?

  18. Guess MTN made this move in anticipation of glo’s internet price slash, in order to keep their existing customers.

    They even gave me free unlimited internet access for three days which expires today.

    Will be watching what others come up with.

  19. Thats what am talking about: way to go mtn.Now Glo the ball is in your court to glo with voice & data price tarrif slash or fade forever into limbo.As for zain i see doom around you while for etisalat a ray of hope which can make the heart sick if defferred again & again.Main one cable is really up & running what about Glo one????????????????.

  20. This is a very nice improvement. I just checked my 1month Data bundle balance which I subscribed weeks ago only to get the new message. “Your 5Gb Data Bundle Will expire on …” I was shocked. I was thinking I will need to make another bundle subscription before the weeks runs out. I now extra 2Gb bundle before I will subscribe again… and man its now N8,000. I love this

  21. This Is sure impressive, but I would have loved MTN to have more 30 days data plans eg,3GB for 5000 and 1GB for 3000.

  22. awsome i was ready to bail but it seems mtn still remember the importance of compatition, im glad they weren’t arrogant enough to believe they could stay on top without impressing their subscribers…

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