MTN Group moves to purchase Visafone Nigeria


Fin24tech reports that MTN Group, Africa’s biggest mobile phone company operator, “has started the process of buying closely held Visafone Communications of Nigeria, as it seeks to expand in its largest market, according to two people familiar with the matter”.

Visafone is a CDMA wireless network in Nigeria and currently has 2.2 million active subscribers. MTN Nigeria has 59.8 million active subscribers.

Neither MTN nor Visafone has made an official statement about this.


16 Replies to “MTN Group moves to purchase Visafone Nigeria”

  1. this is a move from left field, totally unexpected. only makes sense as a spectrum grabbing maneuver. plus Visafone is (mostly) owned by Jim Ovia he’d probably want MTN stock in return so it would be more of a merger than an acquisition

  2. Isn’t Visafone the last remaining CDMA network standing? If th merger is true, what does this mean for the remaining 2.2 million subscribers, not to mention staff?

  3. Mergers and acquisitions.Happenings around the world.Hope Nigerian factor will not set in and the Visafone subscribers will not be shortchanged but be better for it.Good for Nigeria as we gradually catches up with the world economy wise.

    1. if twas actually easier to manage, apart from maybe acceptance n use, why did they all fail and die?

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