MTN Internet Service Blackout: Day 2

Yesterday, we reported that MTN’s internet service went absent without leave, leaving subscribers stranded.

Apparently, a significant number of regulars on depend on MTN’s internet service, as most of them have been absent too since the MTN blackout. It is an unfortunate fact that once in a while in the IT world, stuff happens – software gets a glitch, systems crash, bugs throw networks in disarray, et al.

Whatever it is that is behind this blackout needs to be dealt with. As at the time of publishing this article, the service is yet to be back. In addition, there has been no statement from MTN about the issue. Our contacts in there only say that customers had started calling in to complain on Monday. Apparently, the problem started as a limited fault then, before progressing further yesterday.

One thing is for sure, MTN needs to put their acts together in terms of quality of service. Actually, all our telecoms operators need to improve on their quality of service. It is just that for a very long time, MTN has needed the makeover more than any other.

Does anyone have more information on what is going on with MTN internet at this time?


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