In celebration of 10 years of operations in the Nigerian market, MTN Nigeria has crashed call rates to as low as 17k/sec. The new rates

MTN introduces 17k/sec call tariffs

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In celebration of 10 years of operations in the Nigerian market, MTN Nigeria has crashed call rates to as low as 17k/sec.

The new rates are not applicable to all calls but to special niches on MTN’s different plans.

MTN SuperSaver
Applicable to On-net calls only, but from the 5th minute. Rates start from 58k/sec for the first minute, and 20k/sec for the second minute.

To migrate, text 408 to 131 or dial *408#.

MTN Family & Friends Xpanded
Calls to 8 MTN numbers on this plan are available at 17k/sec. One Off-net and one international call are at 20k/sec. All other local calls are at 50k/sec.

To migrate, text 407 to 131 or dial *407#.

MTN Funlink Reloaded
For a daily access charge of N25, subscribers to this plan get daytime call rates “as low as 17k/sec” (I’m not sure exactly what that implies).

To migrate, text 406 to 131 or dial *406#.


Even with this new introduction, MTN still have the highest call tariffs in the industry. I do not think that there is anything compelling in the new features to make non-MTN users to crossover.

This seems to be nmothing more than a token placation to subscribers on the MTN network.


  1. When will these guys ever learn, pride comes before a fall, its not a good virtue to be greedy. so whats d customer supposed to gain out of this new tarrif structure. MTN make you siddon de look o!

  2. Empty N ,. Is still joking, 10 years in naija still charging 58k per sec.,they are nt serious at all,…

  3. Well, the only thing I like here is the MTN Family & Friends Xpanded.

    I use my MTN line to only call family and friends and now I can call them at 17kbps.

    MTN is Cracy.

  4. I am sure MTN will eventually be taught a bitter business lesson – that the customer is KING!

  5. Mtn ned 2 consult indigenous glo mobile 4 ways to operate 25per sec to al network bcos many mtn users now hav glo rate is 2 high.

  6. @yomi….daytime charges on funlinkreloaded means they charge 17k/sec to mtn numbers from 4:30a.m (after free night calls) to 4pm only…4pm to 12:30a.m (before free night calls) is 30/sec… Other network charges are even higher!

    Senseless tariffs with hidden charges! NUMBER PORTABILITY PLSSSSS

  7. A decade is not a joke,but mtn hav 2 consult glo on how 2 operate low call 2 al network inorder not 2 reduce their users bcos many now hav glo lines

  8. I nearly laughed my head off, this is nothing but a knee jerk reaction. Apart from increasing the number of family and friends, this is totally rubish. It is still cheaper to use other networks. The bloody tarrifs are more confusing than our constitution lol. These guys are crazy.

  9. EmptyN will never cease to amaze me sha. What’s d new change here? Well, thank goodness the customers have a choice.

  10. Correction! Super saver daily tariff reduction after the first minute is applicable to both onnet and offnet calls. 1st min daily is 58k/sec then onnet drops to 20k/sec(N12/min) and offnet drops to 30k/sec(N18/min) for the rest of the day. I think its quite competitive to airtels 2good xtra plan. Besides if you talk more on super saver you’ll enjoy more discounts daily.

  11. MTN ……. greedy network with hidden charges. I wonder when there will be an MTN offer with no string attached.

  12. Hahahahahahaha. Unfortunately they will still be making money out of Nigerians untill number portability comes on stream.

  13. Commentary

    Even with this new introduction, MTN still have the highest call tariffs in the industry. I do not think that there is anything compelling in the new features to make non-MTN users to crossover.

    Well said Yomi. These tariffs are simply an insult to the sensibilities of their subscribers.

    MTN’s only saving grace is that number portability is not yet a reality.

  14. This EmptyN guys are really kidding me. After 10years of milking us dry this is the best they can come up with? When you have the highest subscriber base, isn’t it suppose to be a tool to be able to charge the least tariff per subscriber & still make enough while leading competition? Just like their dstv south african counterpart, charge highest even though you have largest subscriber base. Thank God for glo, the monopoly in digital television does not exist in nigerian telecommunication.

  15. This is great from MTN, love this network. For me I dont know for others….lol. For a long time now, I use my MTN to call four numbers the FAF now it has been expanded to Eight @ a lesser price…….you do well…..muuuuaaah

  16. i had hoped the call rate reduction would have been compelling enough for me to finally switch back to my mtn number from glo. Pity i had hoped for more

  17. For those who think using only family and friends will hurt EmptyN profit think again. EmptyN makes 80percent of its profit via EmptyN to EmptyN calls. Best advice is to use EmptyN to receive calls only. Let the Revolution begin.

  18. You are very right about that, for this I am happy.

    8 MTN
    1 other network
    1 International

  19. wel, d mtnfunlink reloaded mkz mre sense 2me…jst dt ure billed 25naira daily mk calz as low as 17kb/s to on-net callz…u hav other benefitz like 40 free sms,3mb of data and freenyt kalz…(u dnt evn need to hav up to 100naira)

  20. I said it yesterday that;
    “This cutting-throat people, they are at it again with another trick to rob Nigerians hard-earned money. They should first do something about their voice call rates, can you imagine it is far cheaper to call mtn line with glo and airtel than mtn 2 mtn? With just 25k/s from first second I can call all network with my glo and airtel lines… for now i am forced to use my mtn to receive calls only”.
    I think its high time the revolution begins in the Telecom industry. Celebrating 10 years with tricks and deceits, for me I’ve made up my mind to use my mtn sim for receiving calls only… shekena!

  21. MTN needs to take a hard look at the positions of Nokia n RIM. They were once giants but have lost significant market share because of their refusal to listen. I just took a look at the supersaver tariff plan,total crap! U r charged different tariffs for different durations. The annoying thing is the tariff resets for each call. There’s no applicable first minute of d day call like airtel. Meaning for each new call,u d be charged 58k for d first minute. MTN must fall! They are arrogant,ignorant n useless. Someone said supersaver is competitive wit d airtel offer,u got it wrong man. This tariffs will only make me stay away from mtn more. We aint even talking about the fact that both glo and airtel offer 200mb of data for #1000. The same amount will get you just 100mb on d mtn network. Surprisingly etisalat that used to be the best is now following mtn’s footsteps. I pity them

  22. @efemena….. So for each first min of calls you are charged 58k? Thats sooo sooo worse!

  23. I guess MTN’s problem is that of size. They probably have between 60% or more of the subscriber base in the country. It is very difficult for them to see the changes taking place in the country’s GSM space because people still stick to their MTN lines for receiving calls at least. Reduction in call rates from other operators also means people are talking more on their phone now than before and 60% to 80% of the calls are to MTN lines.

    Someday, MTN will realize that change had taken place and they will be chasing other networks not from a leading position as now. It happened to Nokia, Microsoft, Motorola, etc. The problem is not peculiar to MTN. It is the general problem of being too big in a seemingly uncompetitive business sector.

  24. @frank
    u get 40 SMS & 3MB to use from 12:30am to 4:30am is good. U have got to be kidding me everyone is asleep then what are gon be doin with it by then, people u would chat with are all asleep by then

  25. Indeed capital EMPTY N. Six and half a dozen tariff plans. NCC a ‘reliable conspirator’.

  26. Martinkem…the funlink reloaded and d free sms and data is wat annoys me most…..its a big insult on their subscribers intelligence! Wake up in d night to text and browse? Moreso when they know wat etisalat has been offering for months now? The calls rates is even funny…after 25naira access charge….you pay 10naira to mtn, then 18naira to others which sounds nice but only from 4:30a.m to 4Pm…then 4rm 4p.m your call rates are 18naira to mtn and 24naira to others! thats crap! Glo, etisalat, airtel still much cheaper!

  27. I hav 3 phones and 4 lines.. 1 for each network(airtel glo etisalat nd mtn).. D 1st 3 networks occupy d phones while mtn sim card is sleeping peacefuly in my bag.. And there it will reamain 4 gud..

  28. Mtn people are just thiefs in sheep clothing. Imagine u subscribe to d new mtn funlink reloaded yet u cant enjoy ur benefits at night. Their customer care doesnt even work, d keep u onhold for a whole day. Rubbish is d word!

  29. this is total crap and a slap on the face of their subscriber. Which kinda network is this nmt abi na empty hen! Who advise them to come up with this kinda package that will definately fail.. The only thing mtn is good at is free browsing *lol*

  30. Been trying to change to the Family and friends extended plan but they keep telling me i cant do that from my Paygo plan..what does this mean?

  31. if mtn doesnt take time they will become a history here in Nigeria because they are very greedy and self fish, imagine small etisalat of yestarday is given 15.0mb for braowsen on every 200 recharge card and that is why they are making it.

  32. MTN just makes me ‘laff’ with their new tariffs. They remind me of the Nigerian government that’s so unwilling to listen to the people. It’s just a matter of time, they’ve started numbering their days as the telcoms leader in Nigeria.

  33. mtn nothing to celebrate after 10 years of exploitation! nigerians, let us embrace our ready made, people centerd, human face network like glo, etisalat and air tel. to hell with mtn!

  34. empty hen or as u pple r cald..dis exploitation is 2much o..bkful cus ur days are numbered..ur spells don de clear 4 eyes smal smal

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