MTN loyal fans can now rejoice, as the company this morning responded to Airtel’s new tariff plan, 2Good, by introducing a new set of voice

MTN Introduces PayGo and TalkOn Packages

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MTN loyal fans can now rejoice, as the company this morning responded to Airtel’s new tariff plan, 2Good, by introducing a new set of voice tariff plans.


Migrating to MTN Paygo or MTN TalkOn offers you a number of optional features.

Features of the two plans, tariffs and codes for switching are below:


  • Migrate by sending 400 to 131
  • 6 Family & Friends Number: 4 which must be MTN Numbers, 1
  • Number from any GSM Network, 1 International Number @N12/min or 0.20k/secs
  • Magic Number: Call a number for free @ N250/month
  • Happy Hour calls from 00:30 to 04:30 to any MTN Line

MTN TalkOn

  • Migrate by sending 401 to 131
  • 1st 60secs calls in a day @ N0.50k/secs
  • After 1 minute @ N0.25k/secs
  • MTN Select: Calls to USA/Canada for as low as N0.20k/secs
  • Magic Number: Call a number for free @ N250/month
  • Happy Hour calls from 00:30 to 04:30 to any MTN Line

What are your own views of the new packages? Please use the comment box below. Let us interact. Share the news.


  1. Nice. Just saw the advert on the punch newspaper. I have just one question. What are the call tarrifs to other networks outside the package?

  2. This morning i woke up to find i had been migrated without warning to PayGo.

    Since then, i’ve been trying to add new numbers to the 6 F&F nos, but the service keeps saying it is too busy. Als mtn fastlink is very slow this morning in Asokoro.

  3. This is good, you can even use the call one number for tracking, you can use it to connect to your office workers 247, you can use it to connect to someone you love or your family all for N250

  4. I do not like the #250 per month monthly charge.To me thats been fraudulent compared to Airtel.Sorry MTN no market for you as far as am concerned I will stick with Airtel for voice call and mtn for data q.e.d.

  5. A good one from mtn.
    I would want to know if the 250 naira subscription for magic number is done only a line or at both ends.

  6. Just checked my balance on funlink and found am now on PayGo. I am supposed to have 21minutes call and over 30mb data left on my funlink bundle. Looks like i’ve been robbed by mtn.

  7. MTN, thanks for moving me to MTN PayGo without my consent i would have preferred MTN TalkOn.

    I removed an old number this morning from my F&F list without issues.
    Tried adding another person now, but service is busy.
    I sure will be using the ‘call a number for free @ N250/month.
    It is funny MTN believes only 6 people are important to us.

  8. The #250 is from one party after which both parties can call each other for free for a word thats cheap. What do you guys make of mtn taking away people’s bonuses on funlink? It seems funlink,happylink are no longer plans,they are just bundles thats why anybody on those plans have been migrated to paygo. Those ones no longer exist(as plans). But you can still purchase a funlink or happy link bundle for ur paygo plan.confusing right? There have been slight modifications to the bundles, funlink with same price gives you 60 not 50minutes of on net calls, 200 sms with no data. This morning loads of people had free sms only for them to disappear.

  9. These are good times for the mobile phone user. Merits of healthy competition. Now can we translate the lessons learned in this sector to the power sector? Am sick of interrupted power supply.

  10. @Mtn .Where is my funlink balance. Please don’t tell me ‘Terms and conditions apply’
    Woke up this morning to find myself on paygo. It is cruel and unjust.
    Noticed also the National Sms. @kay125 You are not charged on both lines. The other line will be billed if you are the person’s magic number.
    @deoladoctor. This Mtn. We have no rights. Do we?

  11. Afta exploiting nigerians 4 close 2 a decade i am stil disappointed datz d best the culd do?!bsides mtn has no free gift just lyk d devil,let them indulge us 4da cos i stil blive their r some latent charges attached 2 those plans cos is unlyk mtn 2 b dat generous..Is their trademark!!

  12. These are surely good times for mobile phone subscribers in Nigeria…..Am eagerly awaiting glo’s announcement!

  13. Etisalat still gives better value for my money spent. MTN tariffs are never straight forward. So my MTN sim still continues to receive calls only.

  14. 6 Family & Friends Number: 4 which must be
    MTN Numbers

    (So my frequently called numbers must be MTN?)

    Magic Number: Call a number for free @

    (Brilliant way to make you spend more)

    There’s no mention of data bundles and sms

    The team that came up with this tariff are very smart people. Either way, you will end up spending more thereby increasing their average revenue per user.

    MTN Thanks but I’ll stick to my Etisalat.

  15. @Pharmtasy

    We do have rights my brother. But am sure they will throw those legal small prints at us. Its their way of doing business. This is definitely the end of my taking any plan on mtn. I’ll use them only for calls and maybe blackberry. They are so heartless.

  16. @deoladoctor thought it was just me with the funlink issue. Dusting out my glo line asap since Ive seen mtn has no iota of respect for subscribers.
    Just got through to their customer care I their making it worse.

  17. Well, I am on Glo and it doesn’t seem straightforward either: I use their BIS which has a call rate of 42k/sec. I migrated to the new ‘More Prime’ plan (or so I thought) which is supposed to be N18/min flat to all networks. Have checked and they are charging me N27/min which implies that I am locked in to the BIS call rate!! Go figure!

  18. I was on prolink before now but migrated to TalkOn. Its just d talk time that the seemed better. 33k for 1st 5minutes but now 50k for 1st 1minute n 25k afterwards. Sound goods. Anyways kudos

  19. I don’t think i will subscribed to mtn data package again. I have hit twice. 2Good is good enough for me

  20. mtn is like the devil who lures to steal from you. I will stick to my airtel who gives me better value for my money when i talk. Mtn. I m sorry 4 u? I will rather use mtn for recieving calls

  21. N30 & N34 per min mtn- mtn & mtn-to other network respectivelly. Mtn, is this how to reduce tarriff? I will never fall into your trap. Kudos for the free lunch of N250 / month to make free call to a designated number free of charge. But you still no try mtn. Okay?

  22. Mtn! Wen will U stop exploiting Us? Dis is totally unfair. I just bought my funlink bundle on monday and right now I cant access it again. I really dont wanna believe my 47mins, 170 sms & over 50mb data has been wiped out.
    Its like U people just dangle bananas in our eye to lure us like monkey.
    If U had carried your customers along, I believe it woulda been better.
    I for one, I’m not interested in ur paygo package would U PLEASE CHANGE ME BACK TO MY FUNLINK?
    If U cant, pls reduce your no of customers by 1cos I’m moving no &trust me, I’m going on a campaign against U by telling everyone I know about your exploit!

  23. Just unfortunate that i started using MTN 1st and known with it. MTN management are the meanest, crudest network ever in the world. Wish Glo, Etisalat and Airtel can take over this “yeye” network that have no respect for their customers but keep advertising they are the best: BEST OF ROGUES!!

  24. MTN just faked and tricked everybody this morning by giving us free sms, only for it to disappear and it’s damn unfair…i’d rather stick to airtel…imagine 20 free sms each month and 25k/sec to other network on airtel, to me it’s 100 times better than MTN

  25. MTN!!!!
    What pains me most is that like other people, I just bought a Funlink bundle on Monday only for everything to disappear this morning with a silly message that my PayGo credit is bla bla bla… I called the customer service and got tru after many minutes, the lady told me that I should kiss my 40-something MB of data goodbye! Haba MTN! You have no courtesy at all! At least you could have notified your customers for at least a week I had to buy a data bundle this evening and up till now, I dont know how many MTN mins I have The ‘special number’ is OK to me. (Im sure the girlfriend’ll like that!!!)

  26. I can never trust mtn again….but it just feels bad dat I have to receive calls using mtn….greatest scammers of all times

  27. …..let us all always check the terms and condition before migrating to any package, not only on MTN but also on other networks, they have the right to modified any of the package without tellig us…funny……….well, who need more than six number on this line, paygo is da bomb with my wife number as the magic number…… do well o…Yomi please tell us how to add a number as a magic one. Thanks

  28. Well the packages are not entirely bad. At least they tried, which is what they are not good at.

    Whoever drafted that plans must be very wily, knowing some people (and probably most people) would be taken in by their supposed cheaper 50k/s for the first 60s as against Airtel’s 60k/s for the first 60s. Just did my little arithmetic and found out that Airtel 2Good is still better than MTN’s TalkOn. The initial benefit of N6 for the first minute with MTN is easily offset by the time you make up to 3 minutes of call in a day with Airtel. I’m sticking with my Airtel. Unfortunately, MTN is still there for receiving calls.

  29. I feel ur pain like a siamese twin connected by brain.

    All these networks have smart brains behind ripping subscribers off.

    I’m gud on Glo Infinito n Always Micro, Pocketbox does SMSs for me.

  30. The New plans didn’t come as a surprise to me i already anticipated a change like this. For me the top ups are the way to go. And u guys should all switch to TalkON.

  31. The data obliteration with people on Funlink is similar to what happened on the AirTel (former Zain) network when people migrated to one of their ‘Joli’ Packages some time back. (the difference,, In this case, is the forceful migration of people to this new mtn package). My existing data bundle then -was STOLEN by ZAIN!

    Since then, I have sworn to myself NEVER to EVER migrate to any new tarrif on any network- until I get the full picture and implication of migrating.

    Early adopters are usually just setting themselves up as guinea pigs.

    But then, it is said, ‘traveller- there is no path; paths are made by people’

    I salute the courage of the early adopters here.

    My suggestion- be a late adopter- of ANYTHING new -if you can be.

    This is y a forum such as Mobilitynigeria is INVALUABLE..

  32. Furthermore, to the person who said the networks always include the caveat – that they reserve the right to make changes to the plans – yes, but not as regards SERVICE paid for with cold cash!

    Reneging on a promise (offer) is one thing. Taking away a data bundle paid for is different kettle of akamu!
    It is plain contemptuousness!

  33. I am really disappointed with MTN.

    These new tarrifs are absolutely uncompetitive and complex. Who is still talking about different tarrifs to networks? They need to do better.

    I believe serious callers would be out of the Network and probably use them for data services and recieving of calls only.

    The new tarrif is a “no show”!!

  34. Guys, after carefully observing them I think de talkon is de only good deal… How in de world are we to limit ourselves to just 4numbers? Some people phone book sef don full.. I think de talkon is close to airtel 2good.. Hey has anyone tried de magic number? In my opinion I think that’s de only thing they deserve credit for..

  35. Most of my friends have deserted MTN. Now gettin along with Etisalat, Airtel. MTN! U are Too greedy & Tight fisted!

  36. Please don’t display your ignorance by abusing MTN. read more about the new plans here: and
    And be informed that MTN is not a charity organization. None the less MTN remains committed to total customer satisfaction.

    Key facts about recent MTN tariff changes

    -The 5 Link Plans were simplified to only TWO basic plans – PayGo and TalkOn
    -Happylink + Funlink = payGo while Smartlink+Prolink+BizLink=TalkOn
    -all customers were migrated to the new plans yesterday (20th January) accordingly. Customers that had existing bundles (happylink,funlink etc) were not supposed to be migrated until the bundle expiry. I’m sure that issue will be addressed soon and the airtime/sms returned. Please exercise some patience.
    -Free midnight call is now available to all MTN subscribers with the exception of postpaid customers
    -family&friends is now 6 numbers. 4 MTN numbers, 1 other network and 1 international which must be a US or Canadian number.
    -MTN magic number is a first-of-its-kind service available to both PayGo and TalkOn subscribers. It allows you to talk to one person free of charge for 30 days after an initial registration fee of N250 charged only to the person initiating the magic number service
    -The 5 Link Bundles will be simplified to only 3 Bundles (HAPPYLINK FUNLINK and SMARTLINK)
    -The 3 new bundles will only consist of different volumes of voice and SMS and Customers on PayGo and TalkOn can buy any of the 3 bundle plans
    -Bundle minutes will now show in seconds. This is as a result of customer perception that we are charging per minute for bundles, which isn’t the case. You have 0 On-Net Seconds; 0 On-Net SMS; 0 National Seconds; 0 National SMS.
    -BOIC as previously available on HappyLink has been discontinued but the remaining in Bonus account balance was migrated to On-net seconds account

  37. MTN TalkOn gives you up to 50% discount on your MTN-to-MTN calls DAILY.

    The 25k/s is only to MTN numbers — too bad

  38. MTN have come again with their deception, I’ve checked the Talk-On plan, is only for MTN to MTN calls, if you call outside the network, you’ll be charged 0.56k per second, for me AIRTEL’s 2Good is the best for now. Finito!

  39. If d talkon reduction is only to mtn numbers they have just blew! Why are they damn stingy? Thank God my etisalat line is still intact!

  40. Mtn can never trick me again, to call other networks its 58k. And if u r on postpaid like myself they will bury u alive. Thanks to other networks, for the past one year i only recieve calls with mtn. Nonsense

  41. @trae_z thanks for the info.although i suspected much of wat u have just revealed. Mtn has done well but the problem is d non-consesual funlink bundle hasnt expired tho i had used all my wen i was migrated to PAYGO i quickly registered for the magic no. The appropriate amount was deducted. I used it up to dis morning wen i was migrated back to funlink(i guess cos my bundle hasnt expired) my main problem now is am shut out of the magic no tin as a result.

  42. Interesting!
    I’ve just been migrated back to funlink with my bundle intact.

    Looks like our cryout has effected some good afterall.

    Nice to have a site like mobilitynigeria to register our anger. These MTN guys would otherwise have gotten away with their wayo.

  43. @Efemena ozore: the same thing happened to me (i’m in the same shoes) but here’s the explanation.

    -by MTN policy once you buy a bundle it must mandatorily live out it’s 30 day course.
    -you were not supposed to be migrated in the first place, so you’ve now been migrated back. after your bundle expiry you can now migrate to PayGo.
    -however i think your magic link partner can still be calling you free of charge. once your bundle expires and you migrate back you can join your partner in the magic number business.
    -since you registerd the magic number yesterday it will still expire in 30 days as usual by this time next month.

  44. It is ‘change’ itself dat cannot change.i just experience d change on my prepaid from funlink to paygo as such i came on net ! But i would av prefered proper orientation and information b4 swapping ,all de same u are welcome!

  45. @Efemena ozore:

    Update: you can call 180 and have them force expire your link bundle so you can subsequently migrate to PayGo. if you’re having difficulties calling 180 shoot me an email. my email is available on my site, click on the link in my name.


  46. Yeah,its exactly as u say. My partner can call me but I cant. Thanks again for the info. Really appreciate it

  47. @rrae_z Thanks bro,that was fast. WOW! My very own customer Really appreciate it.

  48. The change is welcomed by me n many odas yet, EVERY1’s nightmare is being attended 2 wen tryn 2 ‘talk with 1 of ur agents’. Pls du smtn.

  49. @ trae_z

    You sound very much like a staff(or ex staff) of MTN: your tone and choice of words …

    Well, I have studied the plans again and I really don’t have any need for mtn again for out going voice calls and with their continuing blockade on opera mini, I can’t use it for my mobile internet. So mtn’s usefulness to me is just to receive incoming calls.

    And please note that something that costs you N250/month is NOT free, I repeat NOT free.

  50. A snap shot of current call rates among GSM networks

    Airtel : N12/min

    Glo : N15/min

    Etisalat N15/min
    @ N20/day

    (outside the six registered numbers)
    MTN-to-MTN = N30/min
    or 50k/sec
    MTN-to-Other Networks: N34/min or 58k/sec

    MTN to MTN = 50k/sec for the first 1min, then 25k/sec onwards

    MTN to other networks =N34/min or 58k/sec

    Like I said earlier on, these tariffs were carefully crafted to make you spend more while giving you the impression you are spending less. Anyway, decide what’s best for you after all it’s your money.

  51. I am having a rethink about this mtn new tarrif plan.Am away from home for a couple of weeks & my wife forgets to recharge her phone often due to no fault of hers(any one with a similar experience as mine?).She realises this late in the evening after return from work & settling the home front. So with my magic number(her no of course) she can communicate with me at any time credit or no credit & trust me on this her call rate on my line has more than quadrippled ; trust women. Am not complaining at all as I do most of the calling before now. It’s refreshingly different & am loving it.Thumbs up for mtn on this one hope this package will not be yanked off without notice dont tell me terms & conditions apply bla bla bla.

  52. @trae_z

    And be informed that MTN is not a charity

    So Etisalat, Glo and Airtel that offer better call tariffs are GSM charities right?

    None the less MTN remains
    committed to total customer satisfaction

    Well judging by the comments from online forums, then MTN has a LONG way to go in that regard. I happened to see your comments on nairaland and you know how uncomplimentary the comments about MTN were (putting it mildly). Maybe you should check twitter and facebook too.

    One of MTN’s saving grace is the fact that number portability is yet to see the light of the day, that’s why millions still keep their sims for incoming calls only. If MTN has not amended their ways by then, they will be the worst hit.

  53. NOT FAIR!!! My fiance woke me up a few minutes ago dat he cant connect me on d free N100 weekend calls xcept he migrates 2paygo or talkon and he tried to migrate but mtn wnt let him cos his bundle isnt expired yet, they also did d same to me. He was and still is so upset and i hate it wen he feels dat way. Dis is awful so so awful… The tariff is beautiful but at least let us know wat is goin on first instead of jumpin at us like d boogeyman and nightmonsters in the dark.

  54. How i wish this number portability thing is alive and working…mtn must have lost the bulk of there customers..90% of the people here must have ported to one network or the other.. NCC should please wake up from this deep slumber!

  55. mtn shud be locked up inside trash bin forever *Jeez* they suck! I wil stick wit my etisalad sori etisalat 4 nw

  56. @Ebunma
    To register a magic number *563*number#
    To view you magic number *563#
    To accept an invitation *563*1*number that invited you#
    To reject a magic number *563*2*number that invited you#
    Note only one person (the inviter) pays 250naira and you cannot change your magic number within 30days. WATCH the expiry date

  57. @trae_z
    Brilliant, if you don’t work in MTN, I will advice MTN to employ you immediately.
    Thanks for the info on –Bundle minutes will now show in seconds.

  58. PLS READ (B4 making this comment I read all the 67 comments above) and one thing I must say is that, IN LIFE, ONE MUST LEARN TO MAKE THE BEST OF EVERY OPPOTUNITY.
    Yes the MTN new packages are somehow but if you sit done and do some analysis you will find out that it is the BEST, PROVIDED you will be calling only MTN lines, 1 other network and 1 international number.

    Here is my analysis
    Subscribe to MTN Paygo
    Get 20k per second call to 4mtn numbers, 1 other network and 1 international call and use the Magic number @ 250naira only from just one person for two people to call each other for a month.
    Also make sure you subscribe to a bundle plan i.e MTN HappyLink bundle 400naira and enjoy 22minutes for calls and 30 MTN to MTN sms. (1320seconds @19K/S provided you use all your 30sms, if you do not send sms at all it will be 30k/s)

    Do not make calls to other network (except the one under your family and friend) because MTN will charge you 58k/s and do not make calls to other MTN lines (except the ones under your family and friend and Magic number) when you are not on a bundle plan because MTN will charge you 50k/s.

    Calls to other network
    For making calls to other network (except the one under your family and friend) get another line preferably Airtel. And if you are a real Big boy subscribe to MTN Smartlink Bundle for 6,000naira and enjoy 3600seconds and 250sms to any network in Nigeria, ‘Aba’, it’s too expensive – go buy Airtel for other networks now.

  59. Mtn bfor mtn is d best bt now mtn is d last. just try 2 change bfor people run.Dis is my advice 2 mtn.

  60. I’ve tried to follow most of the comments people have been making, and one thing I have to say is that all network providers are rogues, not just MTN.
    All their new tariff plans are aimed at encouraging people to make more calls daily, inorder to benefit from the tariff reductions.

    For Etisalat, they charge you Ñ20 daily, Ñ10 for luckier ones lyk us, whether or not you make calls that day, just for you to call for Ñ15/min. Indirectly, you are paying Ñ25 or Ñ35 for your 1st minute everyday, before making further calls for Ñ15/min. Sometimes, you may even be charged for days without having made any reasonable call with the line.

    For Airtel, they charge you Ñ36 for the 1st minute, b4 u can then call Ñ12/min. So if you make just one minute call daily with the airtel line, you’ll be payin Ñ36/min for those calls, thereby pushing you to make more calls daily, inorder to feel the tariff reduction. Is that not theft in disguise?

    For Glo, never really liked it, and don’t know much about it.

    My final point is, let’s not be too hard on MTN. They are no doubt annoying, but they’ve tried. If you call many MTN numbers, then it’s cheapest to call them with MTN, as long as you are using HappyLink, FunLink or SmartLink bundle. Your MTN-to-MTN calls can be as cheap as <Ñ12/min starting from your 1st minute daily, until your bundle expires within one month. Even if you use up your bundle, you can use MTN TopUp to top it up. For further details, go to

    Finally, whatever your choice, choose wisely, not blindly.

  61. Wooow! This is unbelievable astounding :: You guys rock.

    Most of the comments here have done a better job than I did with the article. Questions have be raised comments have been made. Kooodos to you all.

    Especially those who have used the service and shared their experience. Thanks for being part of our community.

    You may want to look around to other beautiful articles. ::

    🙂 (y)

  62. ………untill you try this magic number with your wife, you will never believe what MTN has done for you, I was in Ibadan on Sunday at the same time with my family in Lagos, the children never knew I travelled… know what, I ask her why she did not buy Biscuit for the children after speaking with the children for 47min…….lol……….just try it, you will see what you are saving.

  63. D tariff is sweet no doubt (especially if u r in love 😉 talkin abt magic number) but why do they have to implement decisions b4 makin constomers aware? Don’t they have P.R.Os? They disrupt our schedules wit this, and honestly? Its disgustin…

  64. @Daphne ::

    I bet it MTN has heard the complain, and am sure they knew they “cooked beans” [messed up] by not offering the opportunity to inform its fan first.

    If a brand does great job at meeting your need [a brand can’t satisfy all people], it is expected that they respect your feelings which is one reason why some remain raving fans of a Brand.

    Am sure MTN would be more sensitive next time.

    @Daphne :: which service do you use for your Mobile internet? MTN, Airtel, Etisalat or Glo?

  65. @Ebunma, you said,’I ask her why she did not buy Biscuit for the children after speaking with the children for 47min……’

    Did you say FORTY SEVEN minutes? With CHILDREN?. Children that can still be bought biscuits are NOT likely to be up to THEIR teen years.

    It has always been a raging debate, but I am not sure it is ADVISABLE to talk for SO LONG on a gsm phone. More so for CHILDREN. There are (ok- could be!) serious health implications.

    While you can speak for 24hours / day with N250 on MTN, please do NOT. It is (ok- may NOT be) safe. This is no scare-mongering o!

    DeolaDoctor? AFewGoodMen? Our Doctors in the house. Are you guys there?

  66. @EyeBeeKay

    No one has conclusively proven that the radio waves emitted by mobile phones cause any damage to human cells. There were interesting legal cases brought up in United States on this issue but nothing came out of such cases. However, this is not to say there may not be some deleterious effects yet unknown. GSM technology has not been around for too long hence any reasonable long term effect of the radiations have not been fully studied.

    I agree with EyeBeeKay on the issue of being cautious. Short periods of calls are preferable to long period calls. The use of headset should be consIdered when making long duration calls to avoid exposure of the head and brain to radiation.

    One more thing, please use new phones from reputable manufacturers. The radiation emission of these phone are calibrated and written in SARS values. These values worsen with the age of the cell phone. So better to use mobiles that are less than three years old and avoid phones with unknown SARS values (like some of those china phones). Headsets help to put the distance between phones and your brain.

    People with Cardiac pacemakers are adviced not to keep their cell phones in the breast pocket while generally, I wouldn’t advice anyone to keep phones in a pocket near the groin for fear of radiation to the gonads.

  67. I want to use this medium to thank my fellow mtn subscriber 4 their understanding as regards ‘paygo’ God bless us all

  68. lets beware of mtn. If possible try to inform the big men who dont about what they are spending to know that it pays less to make calls on other network. Having doesnt worth wasting it on mtn a bastard network. It is even better to throw money inside lagoon than wasting it on mtn. They are full of deciet. Abeg pls hear me ooooo

  69. Mtn marketing strategy is so high that they can never be equate wit any other network in Nigeria. I love them and truly can’t do without mtn…. Really mtn is the best connection

  70. I av 6 mtn lines dat has been inside my locker 4 almost a year now,i kept dem cos day ar gud #s. My has 3 and i av 3 bot 4 call an browzin.All we did is buy 1000 naira in any netwok send multiple text to people telin them u av a new numba belive me day wil be glad 2 call d new line.Den switch of d MTN line.Tanx

  71. Mtn charges to other network are too much. To worsen the issue, I get their network coverage only when I leave where I reside. It’s a sharp contrast to their claim: ‘everywhere you go.’

  72. Good move, but make sure you also subscribe to a bundle plan.
    You can scroll up for my analysis, it sure will help

  73. Migrate to talk on, load 400h and send happy to 131…you’re given 22mins..meanin ur calls r chargd at 18naira (400/22=18.18)…and since its talk on, from d second min calls are charged @9naira…wen u finish d 22mins…load 750 and send 501 to 131, you’re given 60mins again….cheap bt nt 4 d poor lol…d least u load is 400first & subsequently 750….

  74. wat happend 2 d mtn magic numba?!mtn is tym u giv nigerians a gud reason instead of d blabla crap u r tryin 2 feed us

  75. This is what MTN has been saying. I am so disappointed.

    Sorry, MTN Magic Number is still unavailable due to ongoing service improvement. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you!

  76. I dont know why MTN is always disappoint me. i started using MTN since 2003, it was only once i welcome back my number, I always put credit in my phone. But because of the greedness of this people they never reduce tariff for there old customers. And any time they started some thing very good like free calls, they will only last for one or two month as they did with magic number. I think money will never be enough for you. Is a shame

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