MTN is upgrading and extending their fibre optic network

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Stepped outside our house this morning and was shocked to see laborers digging straight lined tunnels on one side of the road. Approaching one of the guys I asked, “Wetin una dey dig for here”. His pidgin-English wasn’t comprehensible. Nearby lay a bundle of pipes, which led me to conclude it’s probably State Water Board extending water pipes in the area.

Later in the day, I saw them laying these bands (see picture below) beside the pipes, plus a report saying- MTN are in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent to expand their broadband network.


Mtn bands

This could be the only reasonable explanation for the digging and laying of pipes. From reports, I hear they’re upgrading nationwide from 10Gb/s to 100Gb/s. This is a good move, stepping up and meet the needs of teeming subscribers. Probably, soonest we’ll get to see increased and faster speeds on the MTN network.

These were the words of MTN Nigeria’s, CTO Lynda Saint-Nwafor

“MTN realized we needed to upgrade our network to meet customer expectations for ultra-broadband connectivity and high reliability within Nigeria’s very competitive marketplace. We wanted a state of the art solution that met three main criteria: increased network reliability, a high degree of scalability to prepare the network for 400G and beyond, and preservation of our existing 10G investment. Alcatel-Lucent’s demonstrations showed that they could meet all of our criteria and we look forward to deploying the network overlay in 2014.”




  1. O yeah? After years of sucking subscribers dry. With Slow speeds and criminal Data Caps.
    Not impressed.

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