MTN Life Enrichment Seminar with David Plouffe

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I was invited to attend MTN’s Life Enrichment Seminar with featuring David Plouffe – US President Obama’s campaign Manager. The seminar held at the New Expo Hall Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos yesterday evening. This article includes a few pictures (you can click through to the full sized images, but take note that file sizes are in the range of 1.5mb and above).


Mr. Plouffe spoke about how innovative use of internet and mobile technologies is becoming increasingly required for success in business, politics and other endeavours. He gave examples of how the Obama campaign organisation deployed these technologies to get to the man on the street during Obama’s election run.


It was a lovely event with absolutely beautiful music supplied by the Laz Ekwueme National Chorale, a highly respected African choral group. Ali Baba was there too and he kept us cracked up all the way.


I got busy too taking pictures, as well as recording video and audio clips of various parts of the event with my Nokia N8. Of course, I also met a couple of new contacts that just fit into our plans for Mobility Nigeria in 2011. Hint – expect roadshows taking us to several cities across the country to educate and inspire individuals and organisations to harness the power of mobile technology. A proper article on this is coming soon.


  1. waoh, yomi you are becoming a spirit.I have been thinking since you posted the meeting for giving the winners of the smartphone draws.I said while is every thing in Lagos, cant we in the north have a feel of mobilitynigeria.
    Now i see the answer-thanks man, cant wait for you to be in Kaduna, the capital of northern Nigeria

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