MTN might shut down operations as diesel scarcity continues

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Scarcity of petroleum products – fuel and diesel- in many parts of the country is affecting businesses and many other ventures. In a tweet this evening, MTN stated that they might be forced to shut down operations if the scarcity still looms.

We all know MTN has the highest subscriber base and highest percentage of internet users in Nigeria. Let’s watch and see how this unfolds. God help us in this country.



  1. If they need to go to Ghana to bring fuel, they will.

    Besides, isn’t it a fact that the crippling scarcity is basically in Abuja and Lagos alone?

    1. Abuja & Lagos? Really? You just got back from Yonder ni? Fuel was just bought at a filling station in Ibadan now for the office generator at N400/litre. The same station sold N350/litre this morning!

    1. You’re enjoying oh! I’ll gladly pay that and buy 25 litres for my generator at that rate right now.

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