Leading telecommunications service provider, MTN has introduced even more affordable Blackberry service offerings that address a wide range of consumer usage segments in the Nigerian

MTN Nigeria Introduces Pocket-friendly Blackberry Services

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Leading telecommunications service provider, MTN has introduced even more affordable Blackberry service offerings that address a wide range of consumer usage segments in the Nigerian market. These new offerings provide more service options and even more affordable pricing starting from as low as N450 per week.

The newly introduced Blackberry service offerings include the Blackberry Social Bundle, Blackberry Messaging bundle and the Blackberry Quarterly Plan.

The new Blackberry Social bundle is for students and the young-at-heart who always want to stay close to friends on a pocket-friendly budget. This bundle provides access to instant messaging and social networking applications such as Blackberry messenger, Yahoo messenger, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace as well as other social networking applications for as low as N450 a week or N1500 a month!

The new Blackberry Messaging bundle provides a pocket-friendly avenue for young professionals and students to their business network via access to push email access for up to 10 email accounts and instant messaging applications such as Blackberry messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and other popular ones. MTN has introduced this bundle at a friendly price of N1500 monthly or N450 weekly.

Business men and Professionals who require access to 24/7 internet access, push email, social networking and instant messaging on the Blackberry have not been left out. The Blackberry Internet Service fulfills this desire via the weekly, monthly and newly introduced Blackberry Quarterly plan from MTN.

The Blackberry Quarterly plan was introduced to reward MTN’s loyal Blackberry customers. On this plan, customers can enjoy full uninterrupted Blackberry services for up to three months at a 10% discount which comes to N8,000 instead of paying N9000 for the 3 months.

In addition to these special packages, MTN has also introduced a promotional offering which makes it possible to get a 1-month free BIS subscription with every Blackberry device purchased for as low as N36,000 at any of its Walk-in centres nationwide.

These new propositions are coming on the heels of similar giant strides taken by the operator in the past.

MTN in 2007 pioneered the introduction of the prepaid Blackberry service in the Nigerian market. As a way of rewarding its esteemed customers for their loyalty in the since it opened for operations in Nigeria in 2001, the company recently pioneered the reduction in prices of Blackberry services from N5000 to N3000 monthly.

MTN remains the operator with the widest data coverage in Nigeria. Hence, MTN Blackberry customers can be assured that its Blackberry devices will remain functional in most parts of the country, when compared to other operators.

MTN constantly demonstrates that it is still clearly in the business of enriching the lives by introducing and enhancing its products and services to achieve the best value for its customers.

To find out more about MTN’s Blackberry packages specially made for you, visit http://www.mtnonline.com/products-services/internet-services/blackberry


  1. A good one! If I was a Blackberry user I’d be delighted. I hope they’ll get a user friendly Data stuff for other class of Smartohone users!

  2. This cutting-throat people, they are at it again with another trick to rob Nigerians hard-earned money. They should first do something about their voice call rates, can you imagine it is far cheaper to call mtn line with glo and airtel than mtn 2 mtn? With just 25k/s I can call all network with my glo and airtel lines… for now i am forced to use my mtn to receive calls only.

  3. Can someone let us in on the new tarriffs from MTN? The super saver looks great on the surface.

  4. I doubt if mtn still makes the same revenue per user as before. A lot of people like me have since moved on to other telcos. Imagine mtn to mtn being more expensive than glo to mtn just like jikong1 mentioned.

  5. The only thing I can think of that MTN did right is that they started the BB price reduction and I really like their FAF plans.

    But am totally against the call rates and the fact that up till today they still claim they are working on Magic Numbers.

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