It was just some days ago that MTN Nigeria revised some of their old data plans and introduced some surprise offers. But they weren’t done

MTN Nigeria now offers 10GB data for N5,000, more

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It was just some days ago that MTN Nigeria revised some of their old data plans and introduced some surprise offers. But they weren’t done yet. The mobile operator seems to be on a mission to obliterate the competition. One of the new plans is a 10GB data bundle that costs only N5,000. Even the recently bumped 1.3GB plan is now 1.5GB. Have a look at the new bundle plans and tariffs:

  • 1.5GB plan – N1,000 – 1 month validity
  • 3.5GB plan – N2,000 – 1 month validity
  • 10GB plan – N5,000 – 1 month validity
  • 22GB plan – N10,000 – 1 month validity
  • 50GB plan – N20,000 – 3 months validity
  • 85GB plan – N50,000 – 3 months validity

You can subscribe to any of the above plans by dialling *123# and following the on-screen prompts. MTN Nigeria isn’t playing. This is indeed Sparta.

10GB data for just N5,000?! Subscribers can expect other internet service providers to adjust to match or beat these offers soon. Another operator is bound to offer 10GB for N3,500 soon. for Here at MobilityArena, we expect to see a 1GB plan for N500 soon, probably from Glo or Airtel.

The 4G LTE service providers will not fold their arms either, especially as MTN is looking to launch commercial LTE service in July. Smile, Spectranet and Swift need to adjust. As for Ntel…whenever we see them, we see them.

In all, 2016 is turning bout to be a pretty exciting year for mobile/internet users in Nigeria. See Mister Mo’s What to expect from the Nigerian mobile market in 2016.

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  1. I think Airtel has something like dat for a long time now, 12GB for N5000 30days *452#, 24GB for N8000 30days *460#, 34GB for 10k while their 50GB is 180days @36k and *462# and *406# as there codes respectively.

  2. This ain’t spectacular….. Glo has a bigger plan of 12 Gb for 5000 Naira

  3. ‘Obliterate the competition” might be too strong a word. If you check data subscriber gains by the four telcos for last quarter of last year. GLO gained about 75% more than the nearest competition – MTN. So this was bound to happen sooner than later.
    I’ve gone to submit a porting request at MTN – it’s time to go back from Etisalat. I can now spread my current data budget of 5-7k/month BTW GLO and MTN.

  4. Here’s hoping that Airtel and Etisalat will get the memo and do the needful on their stingy data plans..

  5. Where all these bother me is the quality of service. Am a lifelong Glo subscriber and I subscribe to the N8,000 for 24 Gb plan (Always Max). I should be happy but this subscription has accumulated up to 110gb because the quality is so poor I cannot use up to 3gb per month. The worst part is that I even now have a sumplimentary subscription on MTN. I believe that one day I will find myself where the network is strong…………..I will watch Youtube from morning to night.

  6. Whatever Glo is offering or will offer in the future I’m not going back to their internet….

  7. i think what we need are UNLIMITED DATA PLANS!.so we can maximise the use of our various gadgets and services available…i hope the coming of MTN 4G LTE will bring this to fusion…

  8. Unfortunately for me, neither MTN nor Glo have good internet reception at my new abode here in PH. I am still dependent on Spectranet as my primary internet source. Perhaps if Etisalat will crash their prices too I might just partake in the national cake

  9. Can’t see that working. “unlimited” plans always have a condition which many won’t agree with. It doesn’t mean “all you can eat” and will probably have a daily limit, or be throttled at some point.

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