Yesterday, in response to an enquiry on twitter, I mentioned that MTN Nigeria was indeed planning to introduce lower BlackBerry internet service (BIS) tariffs. Update

MTN Nigeria introduces BIS Complete plans [Updated]

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Yesterday, in response to an enquiry on twitter, I mentioned that MTN Nigeria was indeed planning to introduce lower BlackBerry internet service (BIS) tariffs.


The official announcement still hasn’t has now been made, and here are the new plans:

BIS Complete monthly
Gives you access to one 1 email account on your device, one web-based emailin addition to all other standard BIS services for 1 month. Data cap: 200mb. Cost: N1,500.

Text “BBC” to 21600 to activate.

BIS Complete weekly
Gives you access to one 1 email account on your device, in addition to all other standard BIS services for 1 week. Data cap: 50mb. Cost: N500.

Text “BBCweek” to 21600 to activate.

There may be more, but you will have to wait for the official announcement for all other details. This is all I know for now.


  1. Thats rubbish, with my nokia e5, and 200mb from glo at 1k i can have as much email adds as possible….. This is why i still hate bb, ppl paying for push email, what other phone makers are offering for free….

  2. just look at the ridiculous data cap. Nigeria may not have a very large educated population but we r not fools. this mtn crap is ridiculous. stop taking Nigeria for a ride. #pissed#

  3. What intrested me in Glo Comonth is the 3G data cap. I have to abandon it due to its slow motion. Nigerian youth has more intrest in the data cap

  4. I am not a fan of BB and I will never be. For Empty N, they should stop deceiving naija people for BB of a thing.

  5. Good move by mtn…ppl will rush it as usual like hot cake!…am not a BB fan but am happy they BB ppl are being made to pay data caps like other smartphone users. Thats being fair!

  6. Men empty is just to stingy and a foolish network… Imagine 200mb data cap to 1gb frm glo… Men glo keep ruling the competition. Mtn is way out of it

  7. Lmao!!! Wickedness o! Since its not yet official who knows, dey may decide to change it. Most of dem dont download much tho

  8. This announcement is just a let down to her customers who were expecting something worthwhile . . . They can keep deceiving themselves until the number portability comes on stream . .It would be interesting to see how they react

  9. 200mb for what?

    Well I dont blame MTN, they must have done their statistics and see that some people dont even use up to 100mb a month on their BB (all they do is chat). AM SO ANGRY.

    GLO has 1,400.

    My advice, if you must use MTN BB the best is to go for the full package; you will even get discount on calls.
    BIS Full – Monthly*( 30 days) N3000
    10 email accounts, 1 Blackberry email account, BBM, Unlimited Internet access, Social Networking, BlackBerry App world and Blackberry Protect.
    17k/sec – on-net ( from the very first second)and 35k/sec – offnet.

    More Info now on MTN website.

  10. @Bosun9uk the 3k data plan is not unlimited, it has a fair usage policy og 1.5 gig. shayman who says ppl dont use up to 200mb, now that browsing has been included it will prove too small, try streaming a video or wait internet radio, there is no such thing as too much data rather there is too little and 200mb is just too small.
    What is they are music freaks, this is small and like i said before the salt of it all is that they only get 1 email add. Bb is trash just get smthing better.

  11. Competition has finally forced MTN to review their prices downward. The account books must have told them ppl are dropping out of their BB plan. The move Is ok except they will never drop prices lower than glo and there will always be a catch.

    All the same, not a bad move. The data thing is inconsequential since most ppl using BB hardly finish 100mb monthly.

  12. plain stupid.its high time we all begin to educate our young population, about this bb craze and smartphones compete well with bb.imagine a T8 geting 1gig in a month,an Empty n gets a cap of 200mb,what an insult.our people needs rescuing.Yomi help thru your platform.

  13. If MTN like, they can peg their BIS tariffs @ 500 naira iCareless. These folks are just too damn stingy.
    I pay 3k for Etisalat BIS and get full value for my money as well as cheaper voice calls along with unlimited data, 3.75G service. What’s 200mb? MTN can take a hike for all icare.

  14. lol,these Empty N dude are really comedians. But hey, I think 80% of the bb users only ping and surf text on web, which means 200mb is more than enough for 80% in my own opinion… But the deal really sucks though good for users of curve -1,0,1,2 bad for hi-end users

  15. I think the only reason why people put up with MTNNG is coz of their coverage. I’ve always wanted †? switch †? Glo but the Glo network where I reside is poor. This is how MTN rewards loyal customers? Why bother? Other networks provide great services †? woo customers and just because you have the widest coverage you feel you can continue †? con Nigerians? This is just pathetic

  16. @Good says: u said u browse with E5. Pls I just want to ask u aquestion about your E5 bcos am using it too. About 3days ago i discover there is a new update for my E5 version 081.004, when I try to update its say tru pc and when I connected it to my pc tru ovi I discover the updade software is 196MB. When I wanted to download it was saying 956 mins so I stop it,pls have u done urs? And if yes how many min or hour did it take u? Thanks

  17. @andy i also saw the update, and when i tried to download it, it stopped. I think its from nokia, maybe in the next few days we should get. Also when i contacted nokia i was told that the latest firmware for nokia e5 is the 071.0003 update….. So i guess maybe smthing new is brewwing 🙂 nw that is nokia being good.

  18. @Good: thanx man. Although mine did not diconnect but the required was so big for me, but wen I go to a 3.5G network area today I will try it again and see wht will happen. Becos its always poping up to remind me and the fone says IMPORTANT. Whatever happen I will report back my xperience. Thanks

  19. LOL. This MTN are f***ing jokers. Seriously! They ought to be kidding. This plan is for pingers only!

    @Keweno: bros abeg what say you about the use of Opera Mini on Etisalat BIS? My own just keeps guzzling my credit. Is it the same thing on your end?

  20. Mtn 3k BIS is unlimited and its not true dat most bb users ping only, cos I value the unlimited downloads more than anything.

  21. Bosun99uk there is something called fair usage policy, nothing is unlimited, with fair usage policy when you cross a certain limit they make browsing hoplessly slow on your line…. But of course this is hidden in their terms and conditions that you did not read….. There are few place in the world with unlimited data, yes they claim its unlimited but please go and read the terms and policy, they will be a clause for them to make your connection slow. And mtn those empty hens hahaha, never. It will snow in hell before they do that..

  22. @Good

    Should in-case i missed it (cos I have read the t&c) and saw nothing, why not point out where you have seen such.

    I stand on the point that its unlimited.

  23. 200mb??? This is so sad…vodafone ghana offers 400mb/mnth @ approx N950 despite d high cost of BIS here. Its high time people started voicing out…..200mb/month 4 1k5 is just wrong n sad.

  24. This is total nonsense. I’m not really surprised though, knowing how stingy mtn is. Its just ???? way for them to keep up with the trend of low price. But are still far the most expensive of them all

  25. I have an app for checking data consumed and this morning I downloaded videos worth 200mb though different videos

  26. ahahahhaahahah! buahahahahah! MTN na idoits!!!! 200mb? wtf! thats just shit men! they are CRAZY!!! SCAMMERS!!! ahn ahn! 3G to 200mb! etisalat na eim sure pass!!! 1500 complete(unlimited)

  27. 200mb for 1,500? This is rubbish. Etisalat offer morethan 3GB for just 1,500 for their complete month plan plus discount on calls (20k/s from very first second).

  28. 200 mb for 1500.? laugh.? use glo ????? ? am given 3GB.what a stingy network.? was considering using their service but no way.taking nigerians for granted.rubbish

  29. My experience with MTN is that it is a compressed Data the 200MB translate to like 1200MB raw data

  30. ??????-???»??KK????-???»??? this is funny especially since I commented on this thread before I got my bb and now I use a bb. So listen
    The fact about bb users not using up to 200mb is a big fat lie.
    We download songs,watch videos on U????? tube like mad download videos *the latest spreading is on of sm peeps cutting a mans head off eww* and we browse see I have friends who finish their data cap before the months expire so please don’t say 200 mb is ??????-???»??KK????-???»???
    For me in 22 days I used about 800mb and I have abt 2.2gig left *i use glo*

  31. The data capability is tool low-mtn I dunno I just dislike those fools, they are so stingy, don’t know why people still use dem sef.

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