MTN Nigeria announced commencement of 4G LTE services some months ago. I was one of the early adopters and found it fairly good. However, in

Have MTN Nigeria turned off their 4G LTE network?

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MTN Nigeria announced commencement of 4G LTE services some months ago. I was one of the early adopters and found it fairly good. However, in the last few weeks, that Y’hello 4G LTE network seems to have gone AWOL. Everywhere I have gone, I am no longer able to find and use MTN’s 4G network.

At the office; gone. At home; gone. At other locations in Lagos that I have been; gone. MTN 4G seems to be gone.

MTN 4G data plan

Others are reporting similar experiences too. Fred tweeted this yesterday:

This morning, I needed to make use of it again and switched to 4G network mode. Nada. Zilch. MTN 4G network is still gone.

As I have said before, the quality of service issues that internet service providers (ISPs) in Nigeria are known for is still very much a regular feature. You know the drill: start out great, then proceed to water down the service till it is but a shadow of what it should be. Nothing has changed.

But a situation where a network disappears for prolonged periods of time is unacceptable. Plus, there has been no notice to subscribers explaining anything. No; not acceptable. Perhaps, MTN cannot be depended on to provide reliable 4G internet service. At least, from my end here.

Or perhaps MTN Nigeria have turned off their 4G LTE network. Only one way to tell. If you use MTN 4G, please share what your experience with it has been like in the last few weeks.


  1. Thought I was the only one experiencing this. Its totally gone too as of the time of writing this at ikeja. Why would they start what they can’t finish. Na WA oo!

  2. Well, it works well in the Festac axis. I was having very slow speeds when I tried to download some videos with Smile Unlimited Lite all afternoon and evening. So, I replaced the Smile Sim card with my 4G MTN sim card and downloaded six videos in barely ten minutes…at speeds averaging 3.3mb/s. I could not complete the 7th video because my all 650MB data was zapped in minutes. And the router did show I was getting 4G signals.
    This axis is excellent for Ntel, Smile, MTN and Etisalat 4G reception.

    I still don’t understand why I can stream very well with Smile Unlimited lite plan but but get very poor download speeds like 20kb/s.

  3. You do realise that the Smile Unlimited Lite speed is 2mbps at the initial stage. This becomes throttled once you hit 20GB (Used to be 30G)! And speed falls to 512kbps (used to be 1mbps)… So it isn’t the best plan in terms of speed.

  4. Gone here in PHC as well. Pop my 4G SIM into a mifi yesterday and couldn’t get 4G till I got tired of searching. I initially thought it’s the mifi until I see this post.

  5. Its really a function of how close you are to a 4G LTE base station. I enjoy upload and download speeds in excess of 25mbps in my area.

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