I just got a tip-off from Shayman about new mobile internet bundles from MTN Nigeria. The new monthly plans are: 250MB @ N1,300, text 109

MTN Nigeria's new mobile internet tariffs

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I just got a tip-off from Shayman about new mobile internet bundles from MTN Nigeria. The new monthly plans are:

  • 250MB @ N1,300, text 109 to 131
  • 500MB @ N2,000, text 110 to 131
  • 1GB @ N3,500, text 111 to 131

This information has not been verified by us, but I think I can stick my neck out considering the source.


  1. The data war has begun, slashing rates everywhere. I just hope they all get as low as possible and with a very good broadband speed.

  2. yes, MTN tot dey can do and undo. It is now telling on them and they will come down even more. Dis one is a sign, yet its stil on d high side compare to glo. Glo gives 1GB for N3,000 whl mtn givs N1GB for N3,500,glo givs 200MB(MTN gives N250MB) for N 1,000
    (mtn N1,300). In any case,if tru, its beta dan their previous package, tanx to glo

  3. @andy..does glo have d 500mb for #2000 option? I would like to know If they have a 500mb plan and at what price.. Etisalat has 500mb at #3000 which is rather costly

  4. @yomi…waoh am shocked. Thanks for the confidence in me. I confirmed from the customer care thrice before tipping you off.

  5. I love this game.

    This current plan is not bad at all.

    With MTN 3G following me everywhere I go, I have no choice than to go MTN.

    I love competition.

  6. Mathematically, if 200mb is N1000 (generally), then 250mb should be N1,250 (not N1,300). On that front they are still more expensive than, say GLO / AirTel
    (as usual)
    It is however good they are responding to competition- to some extent…Their better 3G coverage gives them some edge.

    Still glowing with GLO.

  7. Now this is really something. Glo is really dictating the pace here as they did many times in the past. What can we ever do without glo in this country. Glo is really God sent.

    MTN you try sha! But must you always “see red” before doing something good for a country that has given you so much???

    Lest I forget to mention. MTN, your thank you Nigeria package was a real sham. Real rubbish and an insult to nigerians.

  8. @shayman…. Glo does nt hav d plan for 500MB to d best of my knowldge.it will be fine if they have, but wit dis comption goin on mayb dey will, its a matter of time. Personaly am not a fan of any network, but I hate xploitation. Am afer d network dat gives me fair price. Apart from my sim for calls which I kept constant, as for browsing either on my fone or laptop, I have d sim card for all d networks. If 2moro yeye airtel becomes d cheapest I swap to it.wht I hate is monopoly tinking u can do and undo like former NiTEL, God pu
    nish dem, where are they now?

  9. @Chukwudi

    Sorry, I mean the packages MTN rolled out recently to commemorate their 10 years of operation in Nigeria with the “so called” tarrif plans to say thank you to Nigeria. Which was really another rip off.

  10. @Shayman: nna men. Once I’d gotten addicted to QWERTY, it came quite frustrating to make use of my regular bar phone :(. My next target ne to buy LG Qwerty dual sim add am to my blackberry

  11. @Chukwudi

    Haba! Where you dey when MTN rolled out funlink reloaded and other tarrif plans to say thank you to nigerians (after 10 years of ripping us off) with all the noise and newspaper adverts??? Or must i mention these nauseating tarrif plans for you to understand and remember???

  12. @Deola: oh! Na that rubbish you dey talk about? I wrote about it on my site like a few days back abi na 2 weeks sef! Pretty useless unproductive tariff plan. Mscheew. MTN is fast approaching dementia.

  13. God bless your soul Andy thats what I keep on trumpheting almost to no avail. I use the network that meets my need at any time rather than been loyal to a particular network. Its my hard earned money we are talking about here. It amuses me when I see friends & colleagues stick to one particular network whether or not thet are been rendered services they pay for as if they have been be witched.

    Airtel has been off the radar in Abuja two days now & a friend of mine has been complaining bitterly about this .I have stuck with mtn night browsing because it meets my need.for BIS & cheap calls to all networks I use glo while my mtn airtel & etisalat lines are for receiving calls. If I need to do heavy downloading enter glo 6gb data bundle ‘chikena’ . This new package from mtn still does not move me althuogh I must admit is much more competitive. Let the data war role on we will not ‘sidon look’.

  14. thats a gud one from mtn, though a little more expensive than glo,but i would pick mtn anyday over glo for stable internet connection

  15. Kudos to glo & airtel for forcing mtn to reduce their data recklessness. Its really a data war, let it be raging on.

  16. father i pray for that day when glo wil evoke patrotic fanatism in all nigerians.i pray for that day when mtn would confess all her inequities to nigerians and pay repatration

  17. lmao..peter u still dnt browse with pictures turned on b4 this?? Thats amazing…how do u cope!

  18. @shayman, My Brother, serious guess work o, I’d usually save graphic intensive pages for later viewing on my laptop.
    And Even at that I end up buying 2 of the 100MB packages per month.

  19. @peter, Maybe u download a lot cos 100mb is sufficient with pictures on operamini or ucbrowser. unless of course u use an android device.

  20. Though I must confess that MTN tried this once, the way I see it is that they want to create a little confusion with this their new data plan than competing by bettering Glo’s offer.

    Glo is still better with pricing, so I’m sticking with them. Competition is good for we the consumers.

  21. empty N is afraid bcos etisalat just lunch their 3.75g, watch it etisalat is coming with a new data plan b4 d months runs off.
    For glo i can’t find their 3G 4 sometime now, pls has anyone notice it? So disappointed……..
    This where empty N leading stable and wide coverage of 3G network.
    How i wish empty N reduce call rate 2 15 to every network,

  22. I dislike mtn too but its not just easy to ignore Them. They still provide the better quality of service. Glo might be offering cheaper rates but mtn still has that ‘higher’ technical know-how

  23. i just subscribed to the 250MB plan, i’m totally pleased with MTN. But they really need to educate their staff better. I went to register my data line today at MTN Connect at Owerri, and I asked their staff there about this new plan and he told me that such information was false or ”a lie” to quote him. And the sad thing about it all is that this fellow is in-charge of their data subscription/fastlink plan

  24. I am waiting for MTN’s reaction to the Glo BIS new tariff plans.

    In any case, I have always considered the new MTN packages i.e funlink reloaded, supersaver, etc as nothing but CRAP and an insult to Nigerians. Telling me that to enjoy some messed up freebies I have to stay up till the dead of the night is just plain stupid.

  25. Great cheap offer by MTN, But when will nigeria network operators stop charging by this monthly bandwidth, when will it be unlimited monthly subscription stuff so that one can watch live streaming videos and do more online?

  26. I just noticed mtn’s 3g download speed has reduced significantly. barely goes above 10kbps!!! Has anyone noticed this? Is this the price we have to pay for cheaper data?

  27. Airtel now has 250mb for N1k3. Activate with *141*712*13#

    i cant wait for their 500mb plan sha. Will mean N4/mb as against N5/mb on the 250mb plan.

    The 1gb for N3k comes to N3/mb but seems too much for my needs now.

  28. I’ve subscribed to the MTN 250mb plan and it was value for money. I used 100mb in two weeks whereas it would have lasted on Airtel for 4 days (on the same phone). Glo and Etisalat are non-starters as in my part of Lagos we barely get any signal and no 3G on any network.

    The real test will be to see which works during the rainy season. Airtel is known for losing signal days at a time.

  29. i subscribed to the 250mb mtn bundle nd it lasted 4 about 17days m quite a heavy browser although, mostly on fb, twitter etc. sometimes i spend as much as 10 hours online in a day on my phone. i use a smart phone

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