Yesterday, I was minding my own business on my lane, slugging away at my lowly white-collar blogging job when I got an email notification. Some

I Was Minding My Business When MTN Offered Me The Galaxy S9

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Yesterday, I was minding my own business on my lane, slugging away at my lowly white-collar blogging job when I got an email notification. Some of you probably got the same email. It was from MTN and they were offering me the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+.

See, a poor blogger like me knows his place. It is not to be eyeing a smartphone that costs a significant chunk of my annual house rent. So, all this while, I have admired it from afar and removed my eye. The school holidays will soon be here, meaning fees for two teenagers are lurking around the corner. Who Galaxy S9 will epp when it is time for school fees?

MTN Offered Me The Galaxy S9

So, before now, I had left the S9 and S9+ to you bigger boys and girls who have money to splurge. The problem now was that MTN’s email said I can spread payment over 6 months. This is similar to our own smartphone instalment payment plan.

Suddenly, my loins were stirred and a part of me that I had shut down was awake once again. “Big head”, my inner techno-lusty demon said, “Give it a try!”

Logical Me replied, “It is a waste of time. When we get there now, we will see that the device financing will be by Diamond Bank and they will insist on a salary account with them. I do not have a Diamond salary account.”

Techno-lusty Mo: “Ode! Give it a try first. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

We did this back-and-forth a bit, and I gave in eventually and clicked on the link. There was a short form to fill. I was on mobile. Short forms are bae. I filled it and submitted. Then on to the next stage. I clicked through and landed on a Diamond Bank page.

Logical Mo gave Techno-lusty Mo a side eye. He ignored. “Read it jor!”

So, I looked, and right there, I read the details that say a salary account domiciled with Diamond Bank is required.

“I know better than to listen to you,” Logical Mo told Techno-lusty Mo. “Complete waste of my time!”

“Yen-yen-yen”, he replied and moved on without a care. Weyrey.

That was how I had to start pouring water on the desire that I had awoken. Or was it MTN that did the awakening? Does it really matter now? The reality is that I will be enjoying my LG G6 like that. It really is a sleek and solid smartphone too. Don’t beef. You can read my review HERE.

You big boys can have the Galaxy S9 twins. If you are interested in buying the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ on a 3-month payment plan, just email to ask and we will add it to our Smartphone Instalment Plan. We add phones based on demand. The S8 is already listed alongside others. It doesn’t matter where your salary is paid, so long as you have a salary account somewhere.


  1. Don’t mind MTN jare, Mr Mo, I don’t trust MTN in terms of offers like this, don’t believe everything you read from them. How come the offer is only meant for people banking with Diamond Bank alone? Why can’t they allow every bank account, so that enough people will benefit from this.

  2. Can’t stop laughing, they have a way of throwing bait at us,in other to lure us. Then there is a condition waiting at the other side. Free s9 for where.

  3. I am a married man. I can look at a ravishingly curvaceous, beautiful babe and feel just the sort of stirring I would feel appraising a well made aerodynamic car. Clinically cold appraisal from afar.

    Those times of irreverent longing have long passed.

    Same way, no matter the offer for a smartphone, I would only bite if

    1) I actually NEED a smartphone (phone is not a bra na)

    2) It wouldn’t put a strain on me financially.

    No, thank you!

  4. Hahaha! Mr Mo, that landing on Diamond Bank page is like being landed a “Black Eye” O. I feel for you.
    Anyway, I am still waiting for the Decade when you can buy a smart phone and make payments Via network recharge (Slight deďućtion of your credit spread accross months) in Nigeria.


  5. Definitely for the big boys lol….

    When enough tix are on the waiting list…

    If I carry s9 join, na die be that

    MTN and Diamond bank we see you, but we no go hala u at this time

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