MTN-branded Opera Mini web browser now available

SMS from MTN:

Yello! For SUPER FAST browsing experience on your mobile phone, download the MTN branded Opera mini browser for free! Go to to download now.

I checked out MTN Nigeria’s website and saw nothing of such in the News Section. However, I found the information on MTN South Africa’s website.

Go to on your mobile to download.


  1. There’s basically nothing new about it. If you use opera mini with mtn data service, you should have noticed the mtn logo along with the opera logo while it’s loading.

  2. @Gabriel Shaze:…lol

    when i heard about this (about a month ago), and MTN said, ‘ For SUPER FAST browsing experience on your mobile phone, download the MTN branded Opera mini browser for free’, I thought it is a different / special version altogether Alas!

  3. nothing spectacular about the browser as regards mtn.. opera browsers are known for their excellent data compression capabilities so this is just a ploy by mtn to get people use it so they save some bandwidth.. the main opera browser is also good on 3g but better on wifi….. d most efficient data provider now is easyblaze.. its actually a mobile broadband irrespective of ur browser… mtn should keep quiet a beg

  4. It has been long I used MTN line to browse but I know Opera mini doesn’t work on my java phone but works well on my Android device when using MTN line.

    I believe this could be a way MTN is using to encourage legitimate user of their data services to still enjoy the benefits of Opera mini while at the same time preventing the free browsing community from accessing their network.

  5. Guys do you not know this is how mtn is able to cut off free browsing cheats. This will free up the air space for us legal users. Big up mtn.

  6. I don’t think this is MTN’s way of clearing up for legitimate users, this is just then accepting defeat in their battle to keep people from using It. They should come up with more creative packages if they want people to pay for data usage. People would pay if it’s affordable enough, most people I know don’t pay for browsing but would gladly pay for chatting on facebook, yahoo messenger and 2go as they think it’s cheaper particularly when they check their balance after each session, mtn needs to bring their cost down if they want to get people with this mindset. A 100MB data plan at 500 Naira monthly data plan wouldn’t be a bad idea to get this people.

  7. @martinkem i agree with you, mtn has totally surrendered to the illegitimate users…yeye mtn

  8. @harry.. what exactly do you mean by legitimate users.. pls explain? is d mtn network so porous for hackers????

  9. @fortespy

    what exactly do you mean by legitimate users.. pls explain? is d mtn network so porous for hackers ????

    I don’t know if I should use the work hackers, but yes it is a well known fact that MTN network and most every other GSM operators‘ networks here in Nigeria have been compromised in the past and is still being compromised with some versions of modified Opera mini browser.

    You probably are new to this place or even in the mobile internet space. Some of the GSM operators have severally in the past blocked opera mini from accessing their network in an effort to stop this illegal use of their network and I think MTN may still be doing that up now.

  10. Nobody will have a business and want people to come and get their stuffs for free without paying, fortunately /unfortunately have also used the free MTN before, but that was in the beginning before MTN introduced the 100MB.

    For all those who thinks they are the same, MTN has removed that ability to switch between socket and http under advanced.

  11. I dont think the MTN free opera issues will ever end. Cos i still used it few weeks ago and i still know a lot of peeps who use it..i may even pose that the ratio of young peeps subscribing to those using cheats is almost at par if d cheats re not more..i wonder why glo cant be hacked. Glo doesnt ve opera cheats at all

  12. I think mtn is already responding to the price war for data bundles with recent price review. The 1300 for 250mb/month is actually targetted towards those users hacking into their network.

  13. @belushi I don’t think the bundle priced at 1300 is targeted at those that use cheats. For them it’s still expensive, if they should bring the price of the 100MB plan to say 500, then It would be irresistible for most of them

  14. @jikong1, before data plans came glo never had cheats. Guess the network is just secure thats it

  15. the truth is d price is too high for the amount of bandwith given by these networks… I was talking with five guys about free browsing and legitimate browsing though to be prudent i browse free too buh not all the time.. They all concluded that they cannot pay a dime to buy bandwith that will not even be sufficient for them for a day or two…

    They said mtn 250mb bandwith goes for N1300 a month and their daily bandwith usage is about 700 to 1gb or more in which they can get free without paying a dime. They said d only reason dey can pay is if 2gb is N1000 it will reduce their bandwith comsumption cos they know that they paying …

    Buh the question here is can these networks give 2gb for a thousand… Fingers crossed…may be ncc bandwith project will do the abracadabra

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