MTN’s 3G Network Catches Epilepsy

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mtnA while back (about three months ago, to be more precise), MTN launched their 3G bundle packages. In all honesty they were (and still are) the best data bundle packages in the Nigerian mobile data industry. Here at MobiNaija, we jumped on the MTN 3G platform, as we depend on the internet for our day-to-day business.

Our first impression of the MTN 3G network was good. On several occassions and at different locations we experienced out-of-this-world speeds. I mean, we were clocking steady speeds of 600kbps to 1.2mbps. Steady. We said to ourselves that MTN 3G was a data heaven.

OK. Fast forward three months after the launch of these bundle packages, and we have a diferent story. All of sudden our once stable and fast network has developed epilepsy. MTN 3G is in urgent need of medical attention.

One example of their epileptic network happened over a period of one week. Dayo, a member of the team noticed that he could not connect to the 3G network at Ajao road in the Surulere area of Lagos. Moving to another location less than 1km away, he found that he could get a 3G connection. Thinking that this must be a coincidence, he did this the next day and experienced the same thing. This scenario has persisted for more than a week now.

We have received a steadilly streaming report from other subscribers of the disappointment that MTN 3G platform is fast becoming.

At the office yesterday, we did a firmware update of a Nokia series 60 device this morning, and got speeds of between 66 kbps and 300kbps. The download of the 76.6mb update took about 3 hours!

Can MTN please do something about their capacity and service delivery? This is no longer 3.5G: what subscribers are beginning to experience now on the MTN network is 0.5G. That really does remind us of our days with Starcomms, Multilinks and Reltel (now ZOOMmobile).

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