I have been following some of the complaints concerning the MTN 4.5GB data plan that costs N2500, and I hope to be able to make

Much Ado about MTN Night Plan

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I have been following some of the complaints concerning the MTN 4.5GB data plan that costs N2500, and I hope to be able to make some clarifications.


We have well established that the old plan is different from the new plan by virtue of the former requiring exhaustion of the 1.5GB all-day/night bonus before one can access the night-only 3GB, and the newer plan separating and limiting the 1.5GB to the day only (6:01am-8.59pm) and the 3GB to night only(9pm-6am). This implies that the day, and the night data can be used and exhausted separately, independently of each other.

Another round of complaints came, with the crux of their gripe being that the system doesn’t switch on time, or doesn’t switch at all. I can comfortably say that the switch happens, it may just not be automatically, but it needs that you play your own part.

In the days of the initial plan, on exhaustion of the bonus data I used to be limited to browsing till 6am, to which I disconnect and wait till evening. Later I stopped disconnecting and discovered that my connection stayed on even longer than 6am. I was privy to a tip that says if you remain connected before 6am, maintain that connection to the mobile network, you will remain connected and your data will keep working till this connection is truncated.

The same phenomenon applies to this newly revised data plan. If you are using the 1.5GB day part and maintain it till 9pm connected to the network, it keeps your connection on that, until you are disconnected. Same applies to the night plan, continuous usage without disconnection through 6am will keep the counter staying on the 3GB part until it ends.

So the trick in this situation, if you want your data to switch from night to day, or day to night, switch off your device and switch it back on. That is, disconnect completely from the network (not merely mobile data) and reestablish the connection again. This may be achieved by going to flight mode and getting back on the network.

I may also need to add that this is not merely speculation, I’m an active user of this data plan and I have tried and tested this to positive confirmation. It works, for me. So for the subscribers having problems with the plan due to these complaints, hope this helps.



  1. Effective but cumbersome workaround. MTN should get their shit together and correct this anomaly so that subscribers day plan would not be eroded at night and vice versa

  2. Great work, sir. However, I have an axe to grind with the fact that my device requires a reboot before I can enjoy this plan to the full…it appears tacky and poorly deployed. MTN really needs to ‘get their shit together’ to borrow Dr. terms

  3. Very complicated procedure, can you break it down? Cause I don’t understand anything you just wrote.

  4. True true, I just checked my balance and the 2.99 night allocation has reduced to 2.92. But no be every time I go remember to dey switch of and on, I no even sabi as the 2.99GB sef take reduce.

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