The Bride Price app is a web-based mobile app that asks you a number of humorous questions, presents some very hilarious options, and awards points

Much ado about the Bride Price app

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The Bride Price app is a web-based mobile app that asks you a number of humorous questions, presents some very hilarious options, and awards points based on your selected answers to arrive at a final sum and verdict from the elders (perhaps of your village) to indicate how much you are worth. Or your fiancé. Or your friend (apparently, so you can help her do some marketing). It was clearly developed with humour and harmless fun in mind.

Being that I am not in the market to shop for a second wife, I thought I would check what my bride price would be if I were a woman. Here is an upfront notice to all my crushes: it ain’t impressive. After seeing this, you will be de-crushed. Have a look at the Elders’ conclusion about me:

Bride Price app - Chassis babe
Yes; that’s me. Sorry to disappoint everyone who was hoping I would top the chart. But at least, I have a NAFDAC number! Haters begone!

One of my friends put this up as her status though:
Bride Price app - Exclusive wife material
Yes; she is exclusive wife material. I have her phone number, BBM PIN, email address, Facebook ID and Twitter handle, so you boys can contact me if this has you drooling. No players need apply. Straight to the altar. Just come with your chequebook. Or ATM card (we have a POS terminal available to collect).

It appears that some people are offended at the whole concept of the app. Sigh. Must we make a crusade of every harmless attempt at humour? I cannot believe that any man will take the crazy questions and options that the app presents serious. And if anyone does, surely any lady worth her salt would know that such a man isn’t worth even going out on a date with. Biko, loosen up and have some fun with the app. Or just spare the rest of us who are having fun. In church lingo, all will be well.

I have checked and disclosed mine. Who else wants to go check their bride price (or that of their prospects) out at In the meantime, when are we going to see a Husband Material app? I’d love to see how many yards of that stuff I am. The results might just be better than this Chassis Babe thing that I got here by pretending to be a woman. Duh.


  1. I don’t think any app has made me laugh as much as this one, and I’ve shared this with my friends, not sure if I have enemies. If I did I wouldn’t share my score.

    But at least I am worth 100 yards of Lace Cloth :p

  2. the most expensive “base” MacBook Pro (15-inch Retina Display, 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 16GB of 1.6 GHz memory, 512 GB of flash storage) is $2600 (~ 420,000), so I’m sure you can get a good MacBook for your “brideprice”

  3. @spacyzuma, don’t you think you’re worth another N20 at least? 😉 that MacBook Pro is waiting…

  4. Techies can sometimes be spoilsport! See how they have turned this humorous piece to Macbook retail store.

  5. So @GladChic, don’t you want to tell us your bride price? We can convert it to tablet, laptop, phone, HD TV….

  6. Prophet Mo already has me on auction, go to him with whatever means of transaction you have =))

  7. Bride price? Mac? Am I getting the joke? *lol*

    It surely is the most humorous app I’ve ever seen from these our shores and we all know we don’t see enough.


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