If you are a Multilinks mobile subscriber and have suddenly found yourself without service in recent times, it might just be that you are within

Multilinks shuts down CDMA, keeps fibre network running

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If you are a Multilinks mobile subscriber and have suddenly found yourself without service in recent times, it might just be that you are within coverage of 257 base stations that were shut down in the last two weeks. Of the over 300 base stations on Multilinks’ CDMA network, only about 43 are currently active. A huge number of staff have also been laid off in the same period.

Industry insiders tell us that Multilinks is shutting down its CDMA network entirely and focusing on providing fibre service. Multilinks’ terrestrial fibre optic network spans 8,232 kilometres across the country.

Multilinks fibre network

It isn’t clear at this time how this new development fits into the stories about a planned merger with Starcomms and MTS to form CAPCOM. However, our sources in the industry also hint that Starcomms is not exactly in very good shape either. Of course, Starcomms has been declaring losses for a number of years now.

I recently wrote a feature article expressing my doubts that CAPCOM will save CDMA in Nigeria. Perhaps the situation is even worse than we all thought it was? However it all plays out eventually, the results will be in the open for all to see.

CAPCOM has opted to keep and operate under the Starcomms brand name. Apparently, Existing Multilinks CDMA subscribers are to be migrated to Starcomms’ network. There is no doubt that the existing Starcomms’ network has enough capacity to assimilate them. Multilinks’ cable assets too are part of the merger deal.

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  1. This is rather unfortunate but CDMA networks have failed to really compete ever since GSM operation was launched in the country and the initial regional licences they were issued at start of their operation may have contributed immensely, saddling them with this bad insular mindset that they couldn’t effectively exorcise up till this moment.

    It is a pity, but they (CDMA operators) weren’t much of choice anyway.

  2. what ever CAPCOM plans let them keep the prices of data low, or I don’t seem them surviving.

  3. How come these services are going under here while such in the US (verizon /sprint) are waxing stronger?

  4. I am a Multilinkls subscriber and I have been experiencing ‘No Network’ messages when I try to use my dongle. Does your insider know when or if the network will ever come back? Their customer service is a joke. None of their customers have been notified of the problems they are experiencing. This is no way for a company to treat its loyal Nigerian Customers.

  5. Hello Bob, the Multilinks merger with MTS and Starcomms has been approved and existing Multilinks subscribers like yourself and others will be migrated over to Starcomms’ network. At least that is my understanding of the ongoing process.

  6. Thanks for the information. This is now the third week I have been without internet access on Multilinks. From what you say about the difference between CDMA and GSM, how well do you think Starcomms will perform as a replacement for Multilinks? Am I and all the other Multilinks subscribers better off using MTN or Etisalat of Glo, ie a GSM service provider?

  7. well if starcomms cannot make my year then am done with them for life @mr mobility any update on zoommobile nigeria

  8. This is bad multilink am part of ur regular customer but u just kill mybusiness …well when is everything going to be ok or we should join another customer

  9. pls multilinks should resolve dis issue before it gets to late….we are begging dem…..

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