The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is an entry-level BlackBerry device. That means, for example, that you’re stuck with a small (2.44-inch), low resolution display (320×240 pixels).

Multimedia on the BlackBerry Curve 9320

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The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is an entry-level BlackBerry device. That means, for example, that you’re stuck with a small (2.44-inch), low resolution display (320×240 pixels). The question is, how does that measure up when it comes to watching movies?

Videos & Movies
First off, small, low-res display apart, the 9320 plays everything I have thrown at it – avi, mp4, 3gp, et al. Like a champ.

But, the low resolution display means that the quality isn’t great. The movies playback in widescreen or fullscreen formats. Its your choice. One hitch – if you leave a video while playing, when you return to it, it starts from the beginning again. This happens even when I paused the movie before switching to another app.

Comparing the displays of the Curve 9320 and the more expensive Torch 9810, the Curve’s colour rendering is more accurate. The 9810’s display is creamy tint to it . I hope I described that right, but in brief, reds are redder and blacks are blacker on the 9320. Take a look:

displays 9810 9320

Didn’t I say there’s no justice?

Audio & Music
Audio playback on the 9320 is surprisingly very good. It is louder than the HTC One X and sounds better too. What?! Easily better. I got the shock of my life when I did a direct comparison. I had expected the One X to win by a landslide. Like I keep saying, there’s no justice in this world.

Oh; and just to be sure, it leaves the more premium Torch 9810 in loudness and quality too. Sigh.

However, do note that when set to the very highest volume, there is some distortion or noise in the audio output. At that point, quality is sacrificed, but at all other levels below that, quality is great.

If audio playback via speaker is good, listening on a good pair of headphones is heavenly!

The 9320 packs a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash. It is good for a 3 megapixel shooter, and the flash helps with close shots in low light.

Video Recording
Curve 9320 Video Capture options
Video capture is VGA (640 x 480), so don’t expect superb videos. However, there’s video light feature which turns on the LED light for recordings. There’s also image stabilisation.

The results are good. Not much better can be expected from VGA resolution.

FM Radio
Curve 9320 FM Radio
Putting in an FM radio in the 9320 is a nice touch. There’s auto scan in there, and you can manually pick weak stations too. An audio headset is required for use.

The FM radio works well.

In all, the 9320 is a mixed bag in the multimedia department. For its class, it doesn’t disappoint in any area, and then it pulls off an amazing feat in the audio department. After listening to music on this baby, I want to keep it as my BlackBerry device. You know how I can’t be separated from my music.

For the music alone, I would get me this baby. Plus, that beefy battery means that one can go on for a full day listening to music endlessly (no BIS connection). I really would love to. And that’s saying something for the little guy.

  1. I know you have an iphone. How would you compare listening to music on the iPhone with earphones to this bb device? My wife listens to music a lot on her bold2 but has since switched to doing that on her iphone4s. I can confirm as well that using the iPhone is waaaaayyyy better the the bold2. Could it be that RIM has re engineered their sounds on newer devices?

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