I got my hands on a Nokia 6760 Slide again this week #MuseumMobility:

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I got my hands on a Nokia 6760 Slide again this week. Yes; that’s an old guard smartphone with a slide-out hardware QWERTY keyboard from 2009.

The 6760 Slide is powered by Symbian S60 3rd Edition. It has a 320 x 240 pixels, 2.4 inch display, 120 MB internal storage, a micro-SD card slot, and Stereo FM radio. It sports a 3.2 mega-pixel camera but without a flash. There is no Wifi either, but it supports HSDPA.

Nokia 6760 Slide

Dad got his in 2010, and I got to play a bit with it then.

Down Memory Lane

Going through the S60 menu of the 6760, I am reminded of the days of Symbian’s glory. OVI Store, the first mobile appstore, is in there. Nokia Maps too. To the dismay of members of the Mobility team, I initiated a check for a software update. LOL. What? You never know! LOL. Anyway, it turned out there was no update available for it.

nokia 6760 slide back

Not having WiFi means that there is no way to use internet on it without a SIM card in it. So, I popped in a spare SIM card and it was online in a jiffy. While the phone supports HSPA internet (up to 3.6 Mbps), the age of the web browser shows. The age of the processor shows too. Browsing on the 6760 Slide is slow. Playing with the phone for the fun factor is cool, but it isn’t anything I’d love to be stuck with for real usage.

I wasn’t a huge fan of slide-out keyboard smartphones back in the day. I was much more into Nokia’s Communicators which had much more capable keyboards.

Anyway, smartphones have come a long way in just 5-6 years. The advances that have been made are almost unbelievable. What can one do with 120 MB internal storage today? Meh. And to think that a 2.4-inch display was pretty standard at the time. Boys and girls who missed the Symbian age, this is the Nokia 6760 Slide.


  1. was the ovi store reall the first mobile app store? Handango & Palmix are older

  2. 3rdWorld Techie,

    You are absolutely correct there. Horrible mix-up on my part. I had something else in mind when I typed that. Rectified now.


  3. Mr. Mo I’m guessing you’ve heard the news about the possible acquisition of Nokia’s HERE Maps by a consortium of German automobile firms (Audi, Daimler & BMW) for ~ $2.7B

  4. miss those days… there was a lot to choose from them in terms of form factor, now all we got is touchscreen bar or bb shape.. :'(

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