Music lovers!! Headset Menu is an Android app you should try

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Android devices react differently whenever we plug in our ear phones or headset to it. On the majority, a small logo appears on the top side of the screen, indicating that something has been plugged in. On some others, music immediately starts playing – this can sometimes be annoying.

Headset Menu

On some peculiar Androids like Xiaomi, (or if you run their MIUI ROMs) a menu appears. From here, you can set your equalizer, your preferred sound settings, an even the kind of earphones you’re using. This is where Headset Menu comes in. An app that creates a menu on your notification area once you connect earphones or a Bluetooth headset to your device. Below are a whole lot of things this app can help you do:

Headset Menu

  • Choose which apps to put on the menu and sort them as you like.
  • Turn on the screen when a headset is connected
  • Auto-start an app when headset is connected.
  • Can create a widget that is made visible when a headset is connected.
  • Bluetooth device blacklist.

You can then imagine other possibilities you can attain with this app. Download Headset Menu HERE, also find out more on the XDA Development thread HERE.

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