Music on your mobile: Using an audio headset

Audio headsets don’t get talked about much, but for many mobile users, they are an essential accessory on a daily basis. The truth of the matter is that audio headsets come in all shapes and sizes – and with a wide range of performance.

These sort of earpieces are often uncomfortable.


If you are going to have something plugged into your ears for any significant period of time, it better be comfortable. As such, the first thing I look for in an audio headset when opening a phone package for the first time is the shape of the earpiece. Bulky, bogus earpieces are an immediate turn-off. They are uncomfortable in the ear. Also, single-earpiece (or monaural) headsets are out of the question for listening to music. Stereo (or double-earpiece) is the way to go. Soft-tip in-ear designs are the most comfortable and convenient.

Soft-tip in-ear designs are much more comfortable

Weight is another factor. The heavier the earpieces, the more uncomfortable you will find them.

Audio Quality

Next up for me is the actual audio quality. Don’t be fooled by looks. Some of those nice looking headsets have terrible sound reproduction. I tried out one recently and the music sounded like it was being played in a tin can. Horrible. Good audio reproduction means a good depth of bass and treble. You should be able to hear every instrument playing in the background. Everyone. The audio experience should be similar to what you get from a good home theatre.


This is not an essential, I know, but some users find it important to be able to at least control the volume of playing music from the headset. Some other headsets include the ability to pause, resume, start, stop and skip music too.

3rd Party Headsets?

I do not remember ever purchasing third party headsets. I have almost always been blessed to have at least one good one from a phone pack. Usually, once I have a good one, I just keep it for use across the different devices that come my way. However, there are many third party headsets out there that you can pick from. That way, you can guarantee the quality of your audio experience.


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