For someone like me who take notes often, a notepad app is of great value. ColorNote is such an app. It is more like the Notepad

Must-have Android app: ColorNote

For someone like me who take notes often, a notepad app is of great value. ColorNote is such an app. It is more like the Notepad on your PC. It is basically used for taking/making notes.

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ColorNote is a simple notepad app. This is not just a typical notepad. It give you a better editing experience when you write note, email, message or twit and it has a dictionary look-up feature for perfectionists. ColorNote makes taking notes easier than any other notepad apps.

Here are a few insights into this app.

Colour Tagging: Take for instance, all notes about your work can be in green, while your church jottings can be in yellow; depending on your choice. There are basically nine colors available including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Grey and White.

While editing your notes, you can easily change the color or choose a color by clicking on the colour tab right beside the Title bar. The default colour is yellow (though can be changed in the Settings).

Another advantage of the colour classification is that you can search for notes based on colour.

Search feature: One good advantage of ColorNote is that you can search through your notes. Take for instance, you wrote a note a long time ago and you can’t remember precisely the title of the note, all you need do is search for a related keyword and ColorNote will display your note right away.

Another advantage of the search feature is that it saves you the stress of scrolling if you have a long list of notes.

List and Grid view Modes: ColorNote provides two options for viewing: list mode and grid mode. I had been using the list view (which is okay) until I discovered the Grid view recently when I decided to review it. To switch views, go to menu and select “View”.

Sticky Notes Widget: ColorNote also supports home screen widgets. To add the widget, Go to your home screen and hold it for 3 seconds. Then select Widget, locate ColorNote or Sticky Note.

Checklist: ColorNote makes it easy for you to make checklists. Instead of using bullets for your checklist (on some other notepad apps), ColorNote has an in-built “checklist maker”. All you need to is click the add menu and select checklist.


  • It is very easy to use; newbies will love it
  • Makes OntheGo note-taking easy

I have not had any real issues with ColorNote. It’s just a great note taking app to me. However, my favourite note taking app on PC is Evernote. Evernote has an android app too, so, I might be switching to Evernote any moment from now. Therefore, expect my review of the Evernote android app soon.


  1. ColorNote was the first one I tried, before Evernote and Springpad, and personally, I think Springpad ( is the best (No offence, Evernote). Easy syncing anywhere, anytime. Chrome add-on, Firefox addon etc.. ColorNote is simple, but I think Springpad beats ’em all.

  2. Evernote also has Chrome and Firefox add on. Evernote has all the features you stated above. I have not tried Springboard, but I’ll definitely do, at least for review purposes. I’ll do a detailed comparison of both (strictly on the Android OS) soon in a later post on Mobility. Stay Connected!

  3. I am yet to find any Symbian note taking application with comprehensive features like this one.

    I also take notes on my Symbian phone, but i tend to prefer the ones where you scribble on the screen

    Symbian users may also want to check out an applucation called Kylom Projekt. It is great outlining application useful for bulletted / out lined note taking. See

    Also of some relevance to this post is

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