#MWA2014: Mobile, Music & Dance with Tomi Ahonen & Mister Mobility

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Tomi and Mo at MWA2014

Yesterday at Mobile West Africa, Mister Mobility and Tomi Ahonen met for the first time in the flesh. It was love at first sight, of course, considering that they both have been interacting on Twitter for quite a while. At 54, Tomi, esteemed as the world’s best speaker on mobile technology (and for anyone who doubted that, all doubts were erased yesterday during his presentation), is a super bundle of knowledge and wit. He easily has his listeners eating out of his hands. He is a very entertaining speaker.

Tomi Ahonen Workshop

Tomi will be conducting a full-day workshop tomorrow at Mobile West Africa. If you have any interest in mobile, you should be there. This won’t be a boring time full of technical jargon that no-one except aliens can understand. The workshop will run from 8am to 5pm tomorrow Friday. To register, click here.

More details about the Tomi Ahonen Workshop are available here.

A Few Did-You Knows

Did you know that besides mobile, both Mister Mobility and Tomi Ahonen are huge music and dance enthusiasts? Yes. Yesterday, Mister Mobility promised to sing and dance at next year’s edition of Mobile West Africa like he did at the event back in 2012. Tomi was cheering all the way and later walked up to Mister Mo to promise that at some time in the future, both of them would do something on stage with music and dance. Here is Tomi’s commitment:

Who says tech and entertainment don’t mix?

By the way, did you notice Tomi’s bowler hat? Yes; he is a huge fan of Michael Jackson. Legend has it that Michael copied the bowler hat thing from Tomi. We bet you didn’t know that.

Did you also know that Tomi is Nigerian? Or part Nigerian? Tomi is a Yoruba name. Yes; it is a Finnish name, but distinctively Yoruba too. Tomi is Nigerian. Please debate that elsewhere.

We look forward to seeing you at the Tomi Ahonen Workshop tomorrow Friday, the very last day of Mobile West Africa 2014.


  1. Yeah, Tomi is a great guy mobily.Me and him had followed each other on twitter.We discussed on mobiles especially on the rise and fall of nokia.He is indeed a bunch of mobile knowledge with ability to forecast accurately.Extend my regards to him.He is well come to nija.

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