My $10 Shopping Spree On Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales 2018

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So, a week ago, I wrote about the Black Friday deals that awaited bloggers and freelancers. Did you take advantage of any of those deals? I did and had tons of fun too with a nunber of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales 2018.

To be honest, I am not too big on tangible product deals, especially when offered by Nigerian merchants. Trust issues maybe but when popular online merchants in the US says Black Friday, they typically mean it. They actually value their reputation.

That said, I zeroed in on since I wanted to buy some domains and ancillary products. Namecheap offers domain purchase and webhosting services along with other services such as private email hosting, security certificates (SSL) among others. Having advertised discounts as high as 98%, I decided to try them out.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales 2018

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My choices of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales 2018

How to Play

They opted for the coupon method wherein a number of coupons were advertised for grabs each hour in five different categories; domain registration, domain transfer, web hosting packages, SSL Certificate sale, Private Email Hosting.

Each category has sub-categories, for example, domain registration/transfer for specific extensions were grouped. Also, web hosting, email hosting and SSL certificates were sub-divided according to the platform’s standard offering.

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Game on!

On the dot of the hour throughout the day last Friday and Monday, the Deals page automatically updated to display the latest deals with buttons to click for two categories of coupons. Boy, within seconds, folks had gobbled up those deals!

I missed out on the first one, not because I didn’t click on time but because I was using ….MTN. Yes, a friend seated right beside me using 9mobile got a coupon while I did not. Next, time, I was sure to use Smile. No dulling!

In all, I snagged 6 deals for less than $10, all annual packages, renewable after a year.

  1. .com domain: $1.06 (costs $11.16)
  2. .org domain: $1.06 (costs $13.26)
  3. .net domain: $1.06 (costs $13.16)
  4. Private Email Hosting: $0.48 (costs $9.88)
  5. Webhosting(Annual package) unmetered bandwidth, unlimited websites, unmetered SSD-Accelerated Disk, Website builder: $4.88 (costs $52.88)
  6. Positive SSL Certificate: $0.88 (costs $8.88)

Normal Price:$ 109.22

Total Spent: $9.42


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Final Words on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales 2018

So, I actually spent less than ten per cent of the regular costs. Not too bad huh? Honestly, apart from the ones listed above, I allowed two of my coupons to lapse.

The deal was, all coupons had to be redeemed within forty-eight hours. At the end of that grace period, they could no longer be used.

I guess I didn’t fare too badly with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales 2018. I am looking forward to another exciting time in 2019. If you fared better or worse, please share your experience. We want to hear them all.

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