I love touchscreen devices. But that is an understatement. In reality, it probably even borders on an obsession. I have 3 touchscreen devices. But one

My Agony with Touchscreen Devices

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I love touchscreen devices. But that is an understatement. In reality, it probably even borders on an obsession. I have 3 touchscreen devices.

But one problem I have with all my touchscreen devices is that when you combine a touchscreen device with someone as ‘clumsy’ as I am, you get a cracked screen over and over again.

In the real world, I have cracked my iphone screen 4 times. I’ve dropped my iphone dangerously many times though. That eventually got me thinking… What’s the best way to protect your touch’SCREEN’?

1. Own a NOKIA touchscreen device.
I’m an Apple fanboy, and it probably hurts to admit this, but all NOKIA phones have something in common and that is – RESILIENCE.

Drop it, and all you do is reassemble it.

Hit it, and all you get are scratches.

Blow up the battery, and you’ll buy another just around the corner (not true for some of the non-removable battery Symbian3 devices).

I give those guys at Nokia 5/5 on that.

2. Get a case for your device.
The problem here is whether you want to sacrifice safety for coolness. Also on a lighter note, there are some cases that probably put your touchscreen device in more danger.

One case I’ve seen for iPhones that does a good job of protecting your screen is the OTTERBOX defender, although it turns your iPhone more or less into one of those ‘old-age walkie talkies’. It’s ‘ginormous’.

3. Get a screen protector.
This nifty little transparent “sheet” really does protect your screen from scratches and some cracks. It comes in three varieties:

  • Mirror
    Most of my friends that use these are either girls or guys who are overly conscious of how they look most of the time.Your screen appears like a mirror and it can be very frustrating trying to read while you’re in the sunlight.
  • Privacy
    This dims up your screen thereby allowing vision only when you look directly into the screen. The screen appears blurry when you view at an angle.
  • Plain
    This just does it for me. It gives u the benefit of using a screen protector without altering how your screen appears.

4. Be more careful
Perhaps this should have been number one. What’s the point of buying a $500 phone when you’re going to drop it at the slightest chance?

I understand the need to carry the phone everywhere you go but I feel safety should be the watch word. Of all the methods I’ve tried, this last one has so far been my most reliable method.

I’m always open to new ideas. I still have some moments that remind me of how delicate my touchscreen device is. So tell me, how do you protect your touchscreen?


  1. thats one of my fear about touchscreens too..durability! But as regards being careful i think am careful enough. My current device has only fallen twice or i think thrice in d last 11months.. none of the ‘falls’ was fatal. So i’m careful

  2. Nokia makes very strong touchscreen devices hence the reason why most people wanted them to make an Android device. When i had my 5230, if fell an average of 10 times in which two were fatal but i just assembled it back again. I got a Galaxy S now and i treat it like a baby cause i don’t think it will survive 5 falls max before giving out.

  3. would you be more careful, crossing the street?

    In all the years of using touch screens. I’ve never cracked a screen! And mind you, I don’t use cases because I believe it spoils the beauty. The only touchscreen device I’ve ever used a case for is my ipad2. And most of the time when i want to play with it, i take off it’s case which also acts as a Bluetooth keyboard.

    All you need to do is to be careful and mindful that you have a fragile/glass device in your hands! Be it an iphone or a Nokia! Or even, a tablet or Laptop!

  4. Been using my touchscreen for a while. It must have dropped maybe like 12 times in 2 years. None of those falls has had any effect. It is a Nokia, see..

    The best option is just to be more careful. Accidents will happen-yes; but attitude is also key.

    I have a friend that has the habit of using things to destruction rather quickly. He bus a generator, it lasts just one year. Phones- maybe seven months. It is either list, stolen or sat / trodden upon! Cars- 2.5 years. A really destructive sort of guy. AND the children are learning to value NOTHING!

    It all boils down to how careful we handle our things generally ..

  5. Don’t use it close to water or take it with you to the bathroom. This holds true 4 all forms of electronics sha

  6. nokia’s scratch resistant and ‘bullet-proof’ gorilla glass displays does the trick here. The prize for durable displays goes to finland.

  7. While i agree that nokia makes durable phones, the 5230 (which I also own) has a resistive touchscreen which uses a flexible material. It’s not made of glass. Chances

  8. Being careful is the most important thing here. Just try remember how much you spent on these devices each time they are in delicate position. For example while getting out of the car and your phone is right on your lap. I will also advice that gorilla glass should be desirable. I have watched videos where they used screws and keys on the screen and never got scratched.

  9. I dont know how this qualifies as an article here on Mobility! Yomi, I hold you to higher standards!

  10. @Adebayor: Well, I once knew one Adebayor and I didn’t like him eitber. If you dont like the article, you could just skip it. I see nothing wrong with the article. And if you feel you can do significantly better, by all means, Go ahead. The sky is big enough for birds to fly without crossing paths.

    @toboh: thanks for the heads up

  11. There is nothing wrong whatsoever with this article. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed it. This beats all the device specification lists for me… My question is always, can I get someone who has really used this thing?

    Here is finally someone that has used a device by a certain fruit company that so many people seem to be going crazy about, and one by good old Nokia … and with the way people are talking about this “intelligentPhone”; how it’s looking like “what everybody is trying to copy” and the price range it’s going for, one would have thought that if you threw it at a wall, it would bounce right back at you and tell you you have a new message…

    I didn’t know that our lovely old guy Nokia is even doing better… Thanks for this, man…

    Now I’d love to get an article of this sort for Samsung and SonyEricsson Android devices… Don’t ask me about LG. I don’t even want to try it.

    If you have an LG phone, pls I’m sorry. It’s just something personal…

  12. @Dgreatestone: Thanks. My point exactly! And as for LG, I think you’re not the only one in those shoes.

  13. @Adebayor This is a lovely Article. A point has been made and it is for you to make your input for or against!

  14. @Shayman: they do make good phones. My personal experience with LG phones hasn’t really been very good though. It all depends on the individual.

  15. Same here. On a scale of preference, if I can’t get a Nokia phone for let’s say, Android, I’d go for a SonyEricsson phone, before considering a Samsung, and so on… I guess I’ve had a v. good experience with SonyEricsson phones (apart from their battery life); and with Nokia (apart from their software).

    I’m planning to go for a SonyEricsson Android device, even though Samsung is all the rave…

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